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Most of my hiking experience is in the Pacific Northwest, but I've also thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (2007) and the Continental Divide Trail (2011).

I would call myself a lightweight packer, but not ultralight. My packs for the PCT and CDT were around 15lbs without food, water or fuel. Weekend trips I often have a total pack weight less than 20lbs (skin out).

comment Trekking poles: what are the pros and cons of Anti-shock vs standard designs?
Ben - your own post says that the are useful, just not at decreasing work. If someone has bad knees, wouldn't you say the are useful in that context?
comment How to pull one's partner from a crack/crevasse when skiing?
Read the answers here, then realize you need to go take a mountaineering course on glacier travel and crevasse rescue :)
comment Advantages of types of sleeping bags over another
When you say "blanket", would another term for that be quilt? Aka your blanket might be made of down or synthetic insulation?
comment Who places the bolts on rock climbing routes, and how?
I would add that any route bolted outside of existing climbing areas is going to be controversial (i.e. bolt a route up a mountain in a National Park, visible from trails and I wouldn't be surprised if you end up in jail).
comment Warmth of two sleeping bags
@ppl - yes indeed, I didn't see the part about two identical bags. I've seen weird results with compressed down though - some things suggest that (in jackets at least) volume of down is almost as important as loft... so it just goes to show you actually have to test your own setup!
comment What type of mosquito repellent is most effective?
FWIW, I did mention permethrin briefly in my answer... and that ultimately I just prefer to wear mozzy-proof clothes :)
comment Do kevlar sacks work against bears?
Read the bottom of my post - up to 2lbs lighter!
comment Backup prusik for Abseiling: Where does it go?
Emphasis on NEVER enter the descender. If you let that happen, you are in serious trouble. For this reason, some (very cautious) people extend their descender further "uphill" from their belay loop so there is absolutely no chance of this happening.
comment How does Frogg Toggs Polypropylene measure up?
A note on durability - I bought two sets of jackets and pants, and ripped the seat out of both of them before I even got to the trail :) I think it was mostly a fit issue though, I found that I was swimming in the jacket, but the pants fit snugly. YMMV!
comment What are the major difference between a regular sleeping bag and one designed for women?
The cut of the bag is often different as well - more room in the hip area. Look at the lengths too - "Long" in a womens bag is quite different than "Long" in a mens bag.
comment What are the minimum set of shoes required for hiking outdoors
A related question: outdoors.stackexchange.com/q/105/19
comment Whats the best way to abseil off a ledge with the anchor at foot level?
That being said, getting your Prusik caught is a nightmare - try it at home sometime and see if you can figure out how to get it out!
comment Whats the best way to abseil off a ledge with the anchor at foot level?
In the particular case of this question, it actually has a downside - you have to get even lower before your weight is on your ropes!
comment What is the safest way to purify water?
I wish I could give you more than one upvote, Ben. I'm not sure I would personally skip treating water when I'm not sure of the wilderness upstream from where I'm sourcing, but otherwise... There's nothing more satisfying than dipping water out of an alpine stream and drinking deep :)
comment How do I properly use the cinch-straps that came with my daypack?
Is there a "best" way to thread them I wonder? like shoe-laces is probably the most common right?
comment What does “expedition-weight” mean with regard to clothing?
Expedition-weight is a marketing term IMHO, you won't find an official definition
comment While backpacking, should one bring hand sanitizer, soap, or both?
Is plain soap friendly to the environment? I don't know the answer, but I am aware that many people carry "special" soap that claims to be biodegradable (i.e. Campsuds).
comment How small is “too small” for tent guylines?
Why not? The question is about guylines on tents. Your answer is just as useful without telling him to use a tarp!
comment What kind of mementos, if any, am I allowed to collect from State and National parks in small quantities?
What exactly do you mean by "allowed"? It seems like you're asking a legal question, but you tagged it ethics/etiquette?
comment Do bag liners add the same warmth value to all sleeping bags?
I second everyone that questions the magic warming power of liners (especially the thin silk-type ones). Waterproof liners (aka vapour barriers) have a place in winter camping, but beyond that, insulated liners would be the only sure-fire way I can see to increase warmth!