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comment What clothing would be suitable for hiking and camping in 0°C?
In America, you can buy a cheap pair of jogging pants, made of a synthetic material, for US$10 at Walmart. Surely they don't cost that much more in your country. Are you fine with purchasing such pants? Alternatively, you may be able to buy some all-polyester dress pants from a second-hand charity shop for even less than US$10. You can stay dry and look sharp! :)
comment What kinds of stores sell multi-mode (adjustable-brightness) flashlights?
@BMitch: Fair point. Still, my question is broader than a usual "shop for me" question. Shopping-related questions are normally closed as "too localized". They are "unlikely to help any future visitors": but my question is very broad. Or "only relevant to a small geographic area": but mine covers at least the US and Canada. Plus, unlike the vast majority of shopping questions, mine is self-answered. Did you upvote me? :)
comment What kinds of stores sell multi-mode (adjustable-brightness) flashlights?
@theJollySin: Good point; thank you. I have added links to some related questions. You may also want to see the choose-a-light checklist then post your own personalized question. As for this question—"What kinds of stores sell multi-mode (adjustable-brightness) flashlights?"—if I may ask, did you upvote or downvote it? :)