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comment When should you carry a firearm when hiking/trekking?
Note that the AT goes through the extreme of gun friendly and gun hostile states. Reviewing the state laws is a must, reviewing the local laws in states which do not have pre-emption is also important. is a good overview as is this book: .
comment During high-altitude lengthy expedition: To shave or not shave?
A shaver or trimmer or razor is also extra weight that you have to carry. Ounces add up to pounds, pounds add up to pain. Grams add up to kilos, kilos add up to .... this doesn't work for the metric system :P .
comment Backpacking propane canister too tall and unstable
I did some searching myself and could not come up with a hose or even the size/name of the fitting type. The magic words I tried were "low pressure", "1 lb", and "camp stove" . The closest hit I could find was this thread:… Hope that helps.
comment Backpacking propane canister too tall and unstable
You shouldn't have to. I was able to find hoses for the small (1 lb.) propane cylinders as you have pictured. That means its a standard fitting. The trick is finding a fitting that has the male/female 1 lb. connectors on each end. There are a a myriad of adapters to go from a 1 lb. connector to or from a 2o lb. (backyard grill size) tank. IOW its a standard fitting, find the name or size of the fitting then buy a hose.
comment Wood versus plastic trail signs?
This seems like overkill. It seems like you're proposing a national signage system for a town in a different country. If the committee that the OP is on is waffling over wood vs. plastic picking a standard and having metal signs made up is going to confuse the issue further. I love the Swiss standard, but I'm not sure it applies to the OP.