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comment Backpacking propane canister too tall and unstable
You shouldn't have to. I was able to find hoses for the small (1 lb.) propane cylinders as you have pictured. That means its a standard fitting. The trick is finding a fitting that has the male/female 1 lb. connectors on each end. There are a a myriad of adapters to go from a 1 lb. connector to or from a 2o lb. (backyard grill size) tank. IOW its a standard fitting, find the name or size of the fitting then buy a hose.
comment Wood versus plastic trail signs?
This seems like overkill. It seems like you're proposing a national signage system for a town in a different country. If the committee that the OP is on is waffling over wood vs. plastic picking a standard and having metal signs made up is going to confuse the issue further. I love the Swiss standard, but I'm not sure it applies to the OP.