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comment What are the downsides to sleeping in a hammock on a multi-day hike?
Some hammocks, with a watertight bottom, can also be used as a small tent. Though not ideal, this significantly reduces the risk of not finding a suitable spot.
comment Walking trailers
Quite interesting. Thanks for the reference!
comment Good “real” fridge for car camping
I heard most fridges can also be powered by 220V outlets and gas, so I would use one of those power sources in case the engine is not running.
comment Sleeping with two people in one hammock
Thanks. I really like the idea.
comment Walking trailers
@DavidR I'm in good condition and have a good backpack; I've hiked through the Pyrenees with a backpack of +20kg. (I'm not looking to use this walking trailer in the Pyrenees, by the way, just to be clear). I can do all of that, however, I can't say it's always comfortable and I think there are cases, especially thru-hiking, where a walking trailer may be more efficient and comfortable, which is why I'm looking into it. Not to replace my backpack altogether, just to have an alternative for cases in which the walking trailer may be better suited.
comment How can you navigate without a compass or GPS
@RoryAlsop I'm aware of that, however, these books just can't be quoted without feeling like a quote miner. You just have to hear the whole story, that's why I didn't include any quotes. You can always read the first chapter on Amazon though.
comment Sleeping with two people in one hammock
(cont.) ... + being able to use it as a tent, since the "floor" is water-proof. This has saved me a couple of times when I couldn't find trees. It's not a real tent, of course, but in case you can't find the right trees, you at least have a backup plan (without any extra weight).
comment Sleeping with two people in one hammock
It was a good answer that answered all of my concerns in the way I asked (the source being actual experience), so I think it was worth accepting it. I've heard the DoubleNest is great as a single hammock. I now own a DD Hammock (good review) and while it's not as wide as the DoubleNest (and I haven't actually tried a DoubleNest), I think its main advantages over the DoubleNest are that there is a built-in mosquito net and a space underneath to place a sleeping pad (which prevents the sleeping pad from slipping underneath you).
comment Sleeping with two people in one hammock
Thanks for your answer (can't upvote yet; requires 15 rep.). Yes, it's a pity, but I'd rather have my doubts confirmed now than after buying a hammock (and paying about $70) and finding out the hard way that it doesn't work. :)