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comment Pros and cons of Tent vs bivvy bag
I think a good variation or combination is a shaped/closed tarp with a very light bivy with a watertight bottom, but splashproof/breathable top on a small groundsheet. This is similar to a two-layer tent where the inner tent is shrunk. (You can even get the closable tarps with a short net skirt at the edges for bug resistance.) This worked for me for a wet overnight trip in Scotland and I will happily try that for two nights next. The whole setup weighs around 1kg including a walking pole.
comment Why do people who backpack sleep in tents instead of tarps?
Also low down in Scotland in the Summer - the midges (little flies with itching bites leaving red marks) are murder.
comment Warmth of two sleeping bags
I guess two extra layers of fabric in the middle would help compress the down as you say, but would also help keeping in warmth a bit.
comment Sleeping pad inside or outside bivy bag?
Thanks. It's a very light bivy, around 200g (and the top is breathable/water resistant, so not for emergency use). I use it with a groundsheet.
comment What is the main purpose of the foam inside a self-inflating mat?
The shape of the nylon casing also affects the comfort/firmness and thickness required to get off the ground. For example, I have self-inflatable pad that is hourglass-shaped with a wide area under shoulders and hips. It is very comfortable considering its modest thickness because the air cannot escape from where you put pressure under the pad.