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comment What precautions should I take to protect myself and my camp from bears?
@sixtyfootersdude if you do that, a bear could potentially gnaw on the rope or otherwise dislodge it, causing the food to fall down. Not likely, but possible.
comment How are backpacking conditions at Yosemite in April?
@gerrit if you look at the same page that I linked, you'll see that they also have info about visiting in May.
comment What is the benefit to telemark skiing?
I think "for fun" is a possible answer here. At least that's why I do it... because "wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
comment How are backpacking conditions at Yosemite in April?
@m90 there are probably areas of the park which are OK winter, but it also probably varies by year. If you're familiar with particular areas which are more suitable for backcountry travel this time of year, by all means add another answer!
comment How can I prevent my sun glasses from fogging up when skiing?
Still curious about any alternatives that don't involve purchasing a specific product.
comment How to get started skiing?
Cross country or downhill skiing? They're drastically different in terms of style, location, gear, and a lot of other factors.