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comment Could I have a postmortem on this suburban raccoon encounter?
Thank you for a thoughtful response.
comment What do you do if the fire does get “out of control”?
Also, by analogy with defensive driving, a missed turn is a whole lot less painful to recover from than an accident. (I'd imagine an attorney could comment on this at almost infinite length.) So part of "defensive burning" is erring on the side of missed turns.
comment What do you do if the fire does get “out of control”?
I'd underscore that the question as asked is legitimate, but it should be addressed as subordinate to "How can we prevent an uncontrolled fire?" as I imagine there are more gotchas and sage advice there, and there might be some things that seem harmless but risk getting out of control that are more important to know than knowing what to do after you already have a fire out of control... Defensive driving is more important than having a cell phone to call 9-1-1 after you have an accident.
comment Bear spray vs. rifles against polar bears?
Q: Which is better to have if you are attacked by a grizzly: a 10-gauge or a hollow-nosed .45? A: The 10-gauge, because you can use it as a club when you run out of ammo. In the wild West, a knife was reportedly preferred to a gun because a knife doesn't run out of ammo. Of course, neither will it save you, but...