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comment Why is it prohibited to sleep in a tent?
Out of curiosity: What are the penalties? And what is the chance of being caught? E.g. Here (Canada) trespass has a max fine of $150, and is a misdemeanor. I've yet to hear of anyone fined. Usually the consequence is the land manager grumping at you. (There is separate crime of 'criminal trespass' where you are intent on doing something. E.g. break into a chicken house and release all the birds. Proving intent is hard)
comment What is the most efficient food to take a for a 12-15 day hiking trip?
Interesting. Didn't occur to me to even consider hiking where I don't have daily access to water. In my usual haunts (Willmore Wilderness, Rocky Clearwater Recreation Area) we usually are crossing a stream every hour or so. On Coral creek, going up toward Job Pass, we cross the creek 22 times in the space of 3 miles. I've always been able to get away with just using an old 1 liter pop bottle.
comment Is it dangerous to sleep in a tent alone in a forest in -20?
In addition the air inside a tent is still, so the warm air next to your skin is undisturbed. Going outside gives the air next to your skin movement, and since it is already humid, it's likely damp, so you feel the abrupt chill of evaporation.
comment Is it dangerous to sleep in a tent alone in a forest in -20?
The interior of a tent is usually much more humid than outside. Since your body tries to maintain roughly 30% RH at the surface of the skin, in cold dry air, there is signficant water evaporation from your skin. Stopping this evaporation will make the tent feel much warmer.
comment Is it dangerous to sleep in a tent alone in a forest in -20?
Suppose that a tent has 2 square feet of wall/roof for each square foot of floor. (It's a bit above this, but close enough.) A 3x8 foot tent would then have 24 square feet of floor, and 48 square feet of wall and ceiling. Much of the floor either has some form of thermal pad, spare clothing, or a small airspace under it, so ignore heat loss from air to floor. 1 W = 3.4 btu/hr. So a 50 watt person would keep the inside roughly 3.4 F warmer. Detectable, but not huge.
comment How would I find a hot spring?
Given the weather, have you checked if existing springs give themselves away with plumes?
comment What should one do when get a cramp while swimming?
Google "drown proofing"
comment How to rate a walk/hike by length, height gain, etc using analysis of GPS data?
Much depends on the smoothing algolrithms, however on canoe trips the altitude registers usually within 5-10 meters of the marked elevation of the lake. However, I tend to use just the contour lines on the map route. Count the ones crossed or touched.
comment How do I balance the muscle usage and strength of my body when long-distance hiking?
Few tasks were so exclusively walking that the rest of the body didn't get a workout, and in the time frame you are most likely concerned about (days, weeks hiking) the degradation in upper body strength is relatively minor. However backpacking rough terrain gives me far more than just a leg workout.
comment Is a tarp necessary if you have a tent with a rainfly and a footprint?
Pitching a tarp: Method 1. Expected good weather, and you want the breeze, but not the dew. One corner to a tree, 5 feet up, kitty corner to a tree or rock 2 feet up. Other corners to tree or rock 2 feet up. Method 2. Expect bad weather. Middle of short edge tied to tree at height that adjacent corners just touch the ground. Opposite edge pegged to ground. Method 3: Expected snow. Wrap the lower tier of branches of a large spruce with the tarp. Possibly because I don't for so many years, it seldom takes me more than a few minutes to set up, far less than for a tent.
comment Is a tarp necessary if you have a tent with a rainfly and a footprint?
Often on expeditions I'm cook. I'm the last one to carve a niche for myself. On Canadian sheild country finding a flat spot that is neither a sloped slab of granite, a pile of boulders, or a swamp can be tricky. With a tarp, I can make do if there is a sleeping bag sized comfortable spot.
comment How do I fold in / tidy up the straps on my rucksack?
Don't cut them too short. Cut them at an angle, and fuse the ends with a lighter.
comment How to keep water cold in hot weather?
I question that this answer will be effective. If the original poster has tried various insulations, devices, and still is not satisifed, then this is unlikely to add much time.
comment How can I prevent snow-balls building up in my dog's paws?
I think I saw this in a booklet "How to train Lead Dogs -- My Way" Only place I've seen it sold is was in the add section of a musher's magazine. I never tried it. When the dogs wanted to stop and chew out their ice balls, I'd let them. I found that in training they would chew out enough hair that it wasn't a big issue. But I wasn't racing. I was running 2 week expeditions into the shield.