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Bit of web spinning -- static pages.

Bit of perl scripting.

Compared to most of the people on this site, I'm woefully ignorant. But at least I try to be polite.

comment How do I fold in / tidy up the straps on my rucksack?
Don't cut them too short. Cut them at an angle, and fuse the ends with a lighter.
comment How to keep water cold in hot weather?
I question that this answer will be effective. If the original poster has tried various insulations, devices, and still is not satisifed, then this is unlikely to add much time.
comment How can I prevent snow-balls building up in my dog's paws?
I think I saw this in a booklet "How to train Lead Dogs -- My Way" Only place I've seen it sold is was in the add section of a musher's magazine. I never tried it. When the dogs wanted to stop and chew out their ice balls, I'd let them. I found that in training they would chew out enough hair that it wasn't a big issue. But I wasn't racing. I was running 2 week expeditions into the shield.