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Currently a senior at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Will graduate in August 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I have also worked as a software engineer building enterprise size web applications using asp.net, c#, vb, jquery, javascript, xml, xslt, and css with a SQL Server backend for AIR-Worldwide.

I have also worked as a programmer for the MBTA where I worked on their Capital Management System. And as a programmer/IT analyst for the Cole Hersee Co. where I developed internal web applications in asp.net.

I spend the majority of my free time researching emerging technologies and have begun building a scalable social networking site in ASP.net MVC with several layers of abstraction. Including use of IoC, dependency injection, and ORMs (Entity Framework).

I am very interested in learning about highly scalable web applications and the use of NOSQL databases.

comment Are there any year round beaches with nearby bouldering?
@berry120 I appreciate that you seem more concerned with just closing questions without reasons than others.
comment What does it mean to cross load a carabiner?
Ahh, ok, yea that's what I thought but I wasn't sure. I've seen it happen with people clip in.
comment What hand and finger exercises help with climbing?
you could do any of the following: Squeezing plasticene or stress balls Dumb-bell curls Chin-ups, both on a bar, and finger chin-ups on a door frame or similar Press-ups on fingertips But if you just climb instead, you will see more finger and hand strength improvement.
comment What hand and finger exercises help with climbing?
why does this get a down vote. I'm serious. The best way to improve your finger strength IS climbing. Other finger exercises are not as beneficial as climbing is.