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comment Should food be in a bear bag/canister even when I'm hiking?
FWIW: Some lipstick and perfumes also qualify as "food" to a bear. Hmmm a bear trying to eat your armpit could be challenging - maybe no underarm deodorants then ? :-).
comment While backpacking, should one bring hand sanitizer, soap, or both?
@KateGregory see addition to my answer
comment What is considered a water source, and why is it recommended to camp so far from them?
@Unsung - following a track around a lake in Brunei. Track rose and fell over ridges and occasionally ran along lake shore. With a local guide (a non-professional). Every time we descended to the lake edge the guide got noticeably nervous, slowed right down and was ultra careful not to go near denser vegetation patches. We never saw anything untoward. I'd have liked to - but not too close. By the road the no swimming sign had a humorous depiction of a swimmer just escaping from one of the lakes denizens. The meaning of the sign, written only in Malay, was clear.