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If I see further than most, it is because I have stood on the toes of giants and they kicked me high into the air...

However, there is nothing to suggest that I see further than most.

I am (inasmuch as one 'is' an occupation) an engineer. My mathematical skills are rather pedestrian, with a rare insight every now and then. I have been lucky enough to sit in the same room with some famous mathematicians & engineers. My Erdős number is 5, which undoubtedly makes me as unique as an Irishman in a pub. And I have been spotted in The Pub from time to time.

In professional circumstances, my value add has usually been the injection of common sense and completion of grunt work when perspectives and energies are unfocused.

My current age is the smallest number composed of the first two primes that would allow me to have watch on RTÉ the slightly contradictory small step for man and giant leap for mankind.

My real name is Joe Higgins. Apparently, my last name means 'of the Viking' in Irish.

My alma mater is University College, Cork in Ireland, and I had the additional privilege of obtaining my Phd. from the University of California at Berkeley under the enlightened tutelage of Lucien Polak.

I can be reached at joe dot higgins at gmail dot com.

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comment Can you boil an egg in dirty water?
If the water is not polluted in some specific way, then most relevant pathogens will have been killed by the boiling water. At reasonable altitudes, just boiling is sufficient (you don't have to wait a few minutes). So, if you are concerned, boil your water first, then boil your egg. I think the risks are often overblown, for example on short trips I often drink directly from streams (giardia is a risk, but takes many days to manifest itself and a little Flagyl will get rid of it).
comment Is “altitude” an absolute measure of air “thinness”?
Also, the Sherpa drinks far less beer.
comment What is the name of this knot for tying into a “confidence” rope?
In case you haven't already, you might take a look at the knots in "Freedom of the hills".
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