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comment How do I remove mildew from a tent?
bleach will weaken and eat holes in fabric so I would say damage from bleach.
comment Should I be worried about bears when sleeping in a hammock?
@Abe Miessler Hiking in bear country you want to take precautions not only of properly storing food but to be conscious of cooking methods as clothes etc. can hold the sscent and entice a hungry bear for a closer look.
comment What are the odds that I stand a chance against Wild Boars?
@Sdry thanks for the link. Love the SE community. I wanted to add that disclaimer because I wasn't sure if it pertained to the question (so as to not upset the balance). As I've receiving positive votes it may stand up to being an answer; a hiker new to the SW U.S. may find the info valuable. In retrospective as the question did not indicate an area, I guess it can qualify as an answer. Love that SE brings people together from all over the world:-) Peace