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J.C. Vintner

American author J.C. Vintner writes about ancient mysteries, past cultures, strange phenomena, the unexplained, legendary cryptids, and how they affect the world today in attempt to discover unified theories. With topics ranging from ancient megalithic building and relics, art in the renaissance and UFO sightings, Vintner strives to strengthen ancient mystery theories with added insight from premonition. Vintner writes regularly for an Ancient Mysteries website, provides regular blog updates, and maintains a number of publications.

Vintner is extremely passionate about the history of Earth and its cultures with a belief that we are all part of something monumental beyond current comprehension. He experiences premonitions on a regular basis which continue to focus on the energy put into his writings. Although some may be considered coincidental, many others result in epiphany moments and realizations. These situations shape Vintner's message to further stimulate cognitive perception while providing readers with an alternative viewpoint on subject matter.

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