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comment How do you repair a plastic kayak?
In addition being more likely to be damaged again than the rest of the hull in the future, Ducttape's adhesive tends to dry out and come loose after a few months.
comment How can I take duct tape with me backpacking?
@KateGregory instead of stomping it flat, just unroll the cardboard tube from the inside out. You peel out everything except the layer of paper touching the inside of tape roll. It flattens better this way and is marginally lighter as well.
comment How can I acclimatize to cold?
@dolan agreed. Among other things, my in car emergency kit includes a pair of sweat pants large enough to pull on over whatever else I'm wearing, a coat, gloves, a summer weight sleeping bag, and a winter weight one.
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comment How can I acclimatize to cold?
Something else I'd suggest would be to not wear a coat when it's only needed for comfort, not survival. ex walking from your car to your house/a store when it's only slightly below freezing. You're not at risk for frostbite/hypothermia from the few minutes it takes to walk across a large parking lot at that temperature. However if you do this regularly you should add a coat to your cars emergency supply kit (if you don't already have one in it).
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