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I code Ruby and Javascript. I live in Charlotte, NC. I have never worn liderhosen.

More about me at nathanmlong.com and Stackoverflow Careers.

comment Does any tent manufacturer promise to have replacement parts?
@RussellSteen - True, but I didn't say 'forever', I said 'for some predefined period of time.' Any time window the manufacturer will state up front and stand by is better than none.
comment Are carabiners useful tools to have in the wilderness? If so, what would they be used for?
Makeshift brass knuckles in case of squirrel attack?
comment Prevent mosquito bites: insect repellent patch or just eat vitamin B1?
Also: it may not prevent malaria, but if you can get one of those bug zappers shaped like a tennis racket, it's extremely satisfying to send a cloud of mosquitos to a thoroughly unnatural, smoking death.