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comment Create ultra light camera tripod w/ mini tripod and 3 tent poles?
Building on @RussellMcMahon's answer, you probably want to use a round lashing to put things together. And, yes, I agree, this sounds like it'd be a better fit for Outdoors.
comment Survival type activies for Scout camp
I really like this idea -- when going out with older Scouts that you know, and you know how they'll react. You wouldn't want to cause a new Scout to panic and actually be scared. I'm a fan of helping them to first see that some things are not as scary as they think they are at first. ("see, if you know how to read this map and use this compass, you're going to be able to find your way out, so there's no need to worry!") Once they think they know what to do, then find a way to put them to the test, like this activity!
comment Kayaking - 'Brand' ? and Plastic vs. Fiberglass?
Speed is going to have less to do with construction and more to do with shape. You can find many long and narrow sea kayaks made of plastic (say, 18' x 22") that will always be much faster than a short and wide fiberglass recreational kayak (say, 10' x 30"). Simply, it sounds like going to a kayak outfitter will be helpful for you.
comment Large Tents and Traditional Campsites
The Turtle Tuff Shelter doesn't sound like something I'd ever use on a weekend... 220 lbs and 8 man-hours setup time? Eek.