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comment Camping with a tarp, what are risks about animals?
About the only time any small animal might decide to crawl into your sleeping bag is when you're not in it yourself. If you leave your sleeping bag lying unpacked for hours, you may want to shake it out before getting in it (or sitting on it -- eww). Or, better yet, either pack your sleeping bag, or open it up fully to air it out, whenever you're not using it.
comment Is burying human waste always the lowest-impact solution?
...and, you know, to avoid having exposed piles of human poo sitting next to the campsite when the next visitors arrive. But, yeah, +1. Also, once the stuff has started to decompose, the plant whose roots you cut to bury it will gain a nice and convenient supply of nutrients in exchange.
comment Wood versus plastic trail signs?
@Mr.Wizard: Given that the pole it's attached to doesn't look particularly weathered, I suspect the sign isn't either. I think it's just made of wood treated to look like that. The lettering does look burned to me, although it's hard to be sure.
comment Tent placement?
@gerrit: ...except when it rains and the soft patch of moss turns out to be a small peat bog.
comment Is it safe to swim naked in lakes in Northern Europe?
@crasic: Yeah, it's pretty rare, as in "you hear about it on the news occasionally" rare. I just wanted to try to be as comprehensive as I could.
comment Emergency measures: sleeping bag not suitable for the current weather
By the way, a large soda bottle stuffed into a wool sock makes for an excellent improvised hot water bottle. Just don't let the water get too hot (about 50 °C / 120 °F, or barely touchable, is still OK) or the plastic may degrade.
comment What are the advantages and disadvantages between gas, liquid and solid fuel?
(Pps. While Googling, I found this blog article on the Trangia 27; it's not directly relevant to the issue at hand, but I liked it too much not to include it here.)
comment What are the advantages and disadvantages between gas, liquid and solid fuel?
Ps. The Trangia FAQ says their spirit burner "works even at severe cold (below -10 degrees Celsius) if used together with the winter attachment" (priming pan). Actually, I'm pretty sure I've used them even in colder weather without one; a handy trick is to close the lid of the burner after filling it (it's liquid-proof) and warm it under your clothes for a while.
comment What are the advantages and disadvantages between gas, liquid and solid fuel?
Alcohol doesn't burn well below freezing? I think the Swedish folks who make Trangia stoves would be surprised to hear that.
comment What's the UPF of a T-Shirt or jeans?
Ps. It seems that Wikipedia has an article on sun protective clothing that you might want to take a look at.