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comment Are Ice grips worth buying
+1 - I picked up some YakTrax a couple years ago, and they're wonderful in snow & ice. I use them hiking with my camera, which wouldn't take well to me falling on it.
comment what boots are good for caving?
+1 for "holding water in" -- seemed like a great idea until water ran in and stayed there.
comment Is it a good Idea to drink grape sap if you have no clean water?
I think the question could stand a bit of clarification. "Instead of water" implies that you do, in fact, have water, and in this case, I'd submit that drinking the grape sap, even it it's ok for you, is pretty detrimental to the grape vine. If, on the other hand, you're looking at this as a survival technique, then I believe the grape sap is immeasurably better than no water at all, and very possibly better than unfiltered, unpurified water.
comment what are the differences between high-end sleeping pads and cut to fit foam mats
+1 for double-pad in really cold conditions.
comment What is the proper tension for a tent line
IME, this is one of those "weakest link" relationships -- ie, line tension is important right up to the point where the stakes pull out or something else goes wrong -- I'm not sure if there's a more holistic way to approach the "stability" question, though.
comment Are there any reliable and/or easy to use “rule of thumb” guides for windchill calculations?
Interestingly, only one of those calculations accounts for relative humidity, which always seems (to me) to be a pretty big factor in "feels like temperature". A damp cold often seems worse to me than a dry cold.
comment Are Personal Flotation Devices a good idea when rafting?
Thanks. I was a bit of a skeptic until the first time I felt that "bonk". Really? I was upside down?? Oh. Yeah, wear a helmet.
comment How to keep water cold in hot weather?
This works well, but be careful to freeze in a way that doesn't cause your container to burst.
comment How do I tie a sleeping bag to my backpack?
Agreed -- the best answer is that you probably want a larger pack for a multi-week outing.
comment How do I treat hot spots and blisters when I have no moleskin?
+1 for "before the blister forms". Best bet is to leave it on and let it wear off on its own, if possible, or exercise great care when removing.