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comment Preventing hand blisters while paddling
@WW., nhinkle: it will develop on whatever your primary hand is- you typically pull harder and a little differently on your dominant side than your other side. Some people are SO dominant on one side, they have to paddle more on the non-dominant side. I've seen it among beginners quite commonly - circles are extremely common especially if you have two beginners in the same kayak.
comment How to repair gore-tex boots split?
use Shoe Goo - pretty neat stuff and much more durable than Sugru.
comment How to get weather forecasts at Yellowstone?
EXCELLENT answer actually - the NPS and other agencies' visitor centers, etc. are quite good about posting forecasts and such, I can speak from experience.
comment How to get weather forecasts at Yellowstone?
Extremely low cell coverage in YELL. Also - just because it's in the Rockies automatically means the weather changes on a dime. So I have always put little stock in the weather forecasts. And I live (literally) in the shadow of YELL.
comment GPS navigation device or app that allows entry of UTM coordinates?
I really, really like the Garmin GPSmap units, have used them extensively at work with UTM coordinates, you can input them and track and such, they will do exactly what you're looking for.
comment How can I contact emergency services in the US via the internet?
Wouldn't have thought of aspect - though one thing to keep in mind is that those numbers may not always be monitored 24/7. Most will and are, though. +1!
comment What precautions are needed for caving
As a mod, I support this question - sure it is a bit broad, but why not have some general advice for caving?
comment Consequences of crossing rails when looking for caches?
Not sure what you mean. Are you not allowed to cross the railroad tracks in Germany? That seems unusual to me, but I live in rural America.
comment Practical uses for urine
This used to be how the ancient Greeks would diagnose diabetes. Great answer!
comment How to dry paddling gloves
I personally would stuff them with newspaper and/or "prop" them open so that plenty of air gets in there.
comment Are headaches a bad sign at altitude?
You're all right. Denver is a mile high, around 5-6k feet in altitude, and I've heard of older people who live in Florida, who have been told by their doctors, that if they go to Denver, they'll die. Of course, this was just one person I heard of, but you get the point.
comment Are bears attracted by Lotions and Perfumes?
Possible duplicate - discussion? outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/225/…
comment Is playing musical instruments like Harp/Harmonica, Flute unsafe during backpacking trips?
interesting point... I would venture to say it is safe. Never heard of anything like this - and I'm quite familiar with the great outdoors.
comment Is playing musical instruments like Harp/Harmonica, Flute unsafe during backpacking trips?
I'm curious why you think musical instruments would be unsafe? Are you worried about attracting wildlife or?
comment Advice for first Grand Canyon Hike for Eastern Hikers
very similar/possible duplicate? outdoors.stackexchange.com/q/226/5
comment Do bear-safe rules still apply in the winter?
This is a little misleading. I live in an area where it is commonplace to hear of bears killing people... It happens all the time around here, especially in the spring. Bears really do hibernate.
comment What fps does a bow need to hunt moose?
I've seen moose multiple times in real life, in the wild. They are huge. You don't want to mess with one, cow or bull.
comment Canadian Law with respect to knifes
I downvoted because this question felt not constructive - as in not a good fit for our Q&A style here. But that's me personally, I've left this question for the community to decide.
comment Climbing Insurance
As @RoryAlsop said, this isn't the best fit for our site. Good luck!
comment How to prevent skin cracks?
As Rory Alsop said, this is not an answer, link only answers rot over time. Please expand your answer to perhaps include a summary of what the link says?