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comment How to cook meat with no equipment?
Do you think it was really minimal? Some of the earliest archaeological funds are of food-cooking (or maybe serving) vessels, and there certainly was a time when humans did not cook yet but ate raw meat. But to go on to your question: if you want to be minimal, did you remember to bring enough time for these methods? Also, they are not really "without equipment", they use ad-hoc tools found around you (stones, branches, leaves) and may not be available in every habitat.
comment Where can I get long but light bottoms for water?
@liam if by "thin wet suit" you mean "thin neoprene" then no. It's still an uninterrupted layer of rubber, and has a greenhouse effect on my skin :( If there are other options for thin wet suits, I don't know them.
comment How to properly lace hiking boots?
@Wills I simply stopped lacing them as tightly. According to what I have been taught, now my lacing is too loose. But at least I don't get my feet out of service after a day.
comment Numbers on down jackets
@shimizu The unit for "how much does a wearable item keep you warm" is called a clo. But I have never seen it listed, neither for down jackets nor for something else.
comment Are self-inflatable sleeping pads more slippery than other mats?
@requiem better than seam sealer, use the anti slippery dotting liquid intended for home knitted socks. Should provide you with more friction for the same weight.
comment How to properly lace hiking boots?
I know I have tried different types of tightness, but maybe I have my foot in the wrong position while lacing? I was interested to learn what position to lace it in.