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comment How to carry water in freezing temperatures?
I don't know where you are, but around here we often have -20 degrees Fahrenheit and no snow in the winter. Even if there is a bit of snow, after it sits on the ground for couple of weeks, you would not want to use it for cooking without filtering it first.
comment How does Frogg Toggs Polypropylene measure up?
I had a set for few years, mostly it was used by my kids at their backpacking trips, I took it out few times. It seemed prety sturdy, I was definitely not afraid of ripping it, but after it got really muddy and had to be washed few times, it started sheding fibers. You could pull handfuls of fibers from it. As far as I can tell, it still seems to work, though.
comment outdoor reading - are there any outdoorsy comics?
Does it have to be in English?
comment Can you tell if a plant is edible by watching what animals eat it?
Another good example is deadly nightshade, or any other plant containing atropine. Many animals (rabits, cattle, goats) can eat it, but just few leaves or berries are likely to kill you.
comment Commuting by canoe
Cool! Do you ever have fog on the lake? If you do, you may want to add a compass and some sort of fog horn to your equipment.
comment How can I keep my backpack safe?
Not sure what would an alarm like that achieve. Any thief will just slice open the backpack, take anything that looks valuable, toss the honking rest of the pack down the nearest ravine and disappear long time before you get back.
comment Keeping smoke level in a wigwam low
@berry120: There is a fire burning in the middle of the wigwam. It is still rather cold and showy around here, and without fire the wigwam would be too cold to stay in.
comment Where in Europe is wilderness meeting the U.S. wilderness definition?
I am not sure about the exact definition and classification, but as far as I know, lot of areas that are called "wilderness" in the US have vehicle tracks and paths in them, forest service access roads, fire access roads etc.
comment Hiking popularity in North America vs. Europe
+1 for the emergency situations. That's a really good point.
comment Moose: How to decrease the risk of being injured?
Don't carve your initials in it with a sharpened toothbrush!
comment What is the benefit to telemark skiing?
I believe that Telemark style is used when your boot is not atached to the ski at the heel, only at the tip, like for example with cross country skis.
comment Canadian Law with respect to knifes
Why did this get downvoted? I understand that legal qusetions like this may not be appropriate for this site, but if you downvote, could you please provide an explanation?
comment Are 35mm film canisters safe for holding spices?
We used to half fill these with soda, add some vinegar, quickly close them and toss them. Then there is this: scitoys.com/scitoys/scitoys/thermo/thermo2.html
comment What are the advantages of learning to ski on a trip? (as opposed to beforehand)
You can also try this: forums.fasterskier.com/topic/sand-skiing :)
comment Can I sail a raft on a European river with commercial traffic?
Great advice! I don't know about Danube, but from experience I know that on many small rivers in Europe, small hand built raft are usually allowed into locks. One warning: Danube gets quite large in its lower part, and is supposed to have currents that can be quite dangerous to small water crafts, so be very careful. Talking to people who know the river is definitely very good advice.
comment What are some alternative ways of fishing - i.e. catching fish?
“You’ve nobbut to guddle ’em.”
comment Does the solar powered fridge work as advertised whilst hiking?
I never tried this fridge, but there are a lot of canteens, for example old German military ones, that have a felt cover that works on the same evaporation principle. You keep the felt wet, and evaporation will cool of water in the canteen. In hot weather, it works surprisingly well.
comment Legality of “semi-permanent” wooden structures in state and national forests in the US
@BMitch: good point!
comment Driving tent pegs into rocky ground
+1 for the narrow stakes idea. I am not much of a titanium kind of guy, but I usually carry two sets of stakes: regular plastic ones for soft ground, and thin aluminum "wire" ones for hard rocky ground. The aluminum bends pretty easily, but sometimes that is an advantage, they tend to find their way around larger rocks in the ground, and they are not too hard to straighten up when they bend. And if they get really out of shape, they are cheap enough to replace.
comment What are the vitamin considerations for extended backpacking
Why the downvote?