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I am Unique. I took a hammer to the framework of Reality. I have danced with Death, I have lusted for Life. I smashed my Rose Colored glasses. I gave Fate the finger and puked on my Destiny.

comment Wax paper as a fire starter
As to your experiments, in addition to setting in on fire. Try different methods (like rolling it up). Also leave some out in the rain and elemnets to see how it reacts if left out. Another is to put it in a backpack under some clothes to see if the praffin runs if heated or something else happens.
comment Would a tampon be a good addition to a survival kit
Sometimes you can't get around some items. However my preference is to have items with more than one use. Such as a machete with a serrated edge for chopping underbrush and cutting small trees.
comment A list of suitable foods for a long hike
Very true, however I was not sure of what environment you where going to be doing this long term hike in.