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I am a professional space engineer, with the heart of a physicist.

I am also a Linux loving, academic, pragmatic, hopelessly idealistic, anti-bureaucratic baboon, and proud father of two little baboons (although they could be chimps, it's too early to tell).

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comment Am I allowed to sleep in the wild in the Austrian Alps?
I once had a fine for that that was 200 Euros or so. Mind you, that was a pretty stupid move -- I had slept aside a fresh water reservoir that was used for drinking water for the surrounding towns, and there were more "no camping!" signs than trees there...(it was in the middle of the night, and we were exhausted, and the water at night looked real nice...). Point is, it can be a painfully large amount.
comment What should I do if I break a shoelace in the wilderness?
You should also take out the lace from the other shoe, cut that up and tie everything together such that you have to equal laces. This balances your feet more, possibly preventing all sorts of issues (blisters, sore soles because of overcompensating for the other foot, etc.)
comment Probability of Being Struck by Lightning
Being in an open field by itself isn't a guarantee to get struck, but being in an open field on top of a hill holding a long metal rod with the storm overhead kinda improves those chances :p
comment Probability of Being Struck by Lightning
Thanks :) :) :)