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comment Is listening to music on earphones while hiking safe enough?
I love music, but I would never wear headphones when out hiking - the noise of no cars, no industry and just general wildlife is, to me, so much more valuable than any music I have.
comment Canvas vs Nylon Tent for Car Camping
chuck - if you have a look at How to Answer you'll see our policy on self-promotion. You can have a link to your site in your profile, but please don't add it into your posts - they will just get downvoted as spam. Wills' edit helps so you'll get an upvote from me now.
comment How to estimate the depth of a pool of water from a distance above?
Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat.
comment Walking through an active railway tunnel during a long distance walk
In India, do train tunnels have regular safety alcoves like they do in Europe? If so, this is much lower risk than it would otherwise be. Maintenance workers know to step into them when a train is approaching.
comment Is the outdoor ”cottage industry” only about ultralight?
Small, yes, but those are so specialised the demand allowed prices to be hiked way up - which makes them interesting to the big players again. Also they can use those expeditions as good PR so it's a big win.
comment Plus size wet suits?
Jim - we have a 'be nice' rule. Try and adhere to that. Mods are, surprisingly enough, human, and we follow SE and community guidance. You 'despise' volunteers who try to uphold site rules? Currently, the wording does sound a lot like you want a recommendation of a particular brand, and that is explicitly off topic as per the site rules - you can fix that.
comment How to humanely kill an injured rabbit?
The rest of your answer is fine.
comment How to humanely kill an injured rabbit?
I'm going to edit out your paragraph on "most of us are simply psychologically incapable" as this is wrong for pretty much anyone who lives outside cities. I know I used to despatch rabbits with my dad when I was 7, and choosing dinner on the farm and then killing and preparing it. Standard country living.
comment Locating outdoor/hiking shops that sell gas cans / fuel canisters near Ivalo (finland) on a sunday
This type of question just doesn't fit here - it's offtopic, it's shopping recommendation, it's not actually an outdoors question.
comment What trees/bushes are best suited for a simple bow?
quick comment - you don't really want it to be straight, and you definitely don't want it to be uniformly thick. Ideally you want a curve, and a taper.
comment Should I go to New-Zealand on November instead of December just to make it to the Milford track?
This is purely asking for opinions, I'm afraid - and at the end of the day that doesn't work on Stack Exchange. Some folks would say yes, some no - still won't help you. Have a look at How to Ask for guidance questions that can work here.
comment Outdoor activities for shoulder season
"Shoulder" season? That's a new one on me.
comment What should I bring home foraged mushrooms in?
carrying a basket of organic goodies implies you have collected some organic goodies, not that there is some loss of dignity. I'm not sure what the problem is. That said, you're not going to do mushrooms much harm in a normal back pack for a short while.
comment How did people make topographical maps in the pre-modern?
That is a good point re the curvature of the earth - especially for large mountain ranges (eg Himalayas) - and is one of the reasons why it was so difficult to settle on a precise figure for Everest's height. My answer was taking the much simpler, local, view - valid for general mapping of smaller areas.
comment How to encourage birds into the garden of a rented house?
Rupert - I have edited your post to remove the needlessly confrontational phrasing and kept what I hope is the core of your message.
comment What makes a good surfing location?
Additionally, the Pacific Ocean is big. Really big. So the swell gets time to build to something awesome. The Atlantic is much smaller, so even at its best, it will never be as big.
comment When is the midge season in Scotland?
I'd agree with Gilad that in general this is correct, however some areas have much longer seasons. Where we are midges start to become too much for sitting outside and having drinks on the patio as early as late April, and even this year was late May. Skye and the west have much worse midges than the east and central areas, and the far north has only minimal areas that suffer from midges, so Gilad's forecast link is essential!
comment How do I help people enjoy camping/hiking (like I do!)?
cold bears really would be a surprise :-)
comment Training to prepare for oxygen deficiency in the high mountains
Furtive - I have edited out the first sentence of your answer, as the research appears to show that it is false. The rest of the post seems grand. Please comment here if you have any queries/challenge
comment Stuff or roll a tent for storage?
With most of my tents I fold, but I change the folding pattern each time. This gets most of the benefits of both techniques.