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comment Can I mix the contents of a cigarette with Odomos to prevent leech bites?
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comment What can I do on a honeymoon in New Zealand while five months pregnant?
Sara, you may be asking on the wrong site. Since there's about 30-bazillion things to do in New Zealand, the question is really "what type of activities are appropriate for ME?" ... which is a great question for our Parents site
comment Maxpedition Condor 2 unresolved questions
Oh goodness, folks. I'm not sure asking very specific questions about the capabilities of an outdoor product is anything like the "shopping recommendation" concerns discussed in this post: Q&A is hard. Let's go shopping. It's your call, but this seems like a very unfortunate turn for this site. This is exactly the type of question I might have asked about my gear, and the type of deeper gear discussions that would be the mainstay of any decent "Outdoors" site.
comment What are the repercussions of entering National parks during US Government shutdown?
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comment Is it legal to collect firewood (to take away) from woods and forests in the UK?
Not only that, but in some protected areas (at least here in the US), it is not permitted to disturb or move even dead, fallen trees because it provides structure and habitat for the flora and fauna.
comment How do I catch fish with fish hooks but no bait?
Anecdotally, as kids, we used to see what we could catch fish with when the bait was gone. Twitching just about anything across the top of the water would lure bass and other ambush fish: small leaves, bundles of straw, feathers, cigarette butts, gum, wads of hair, pieces of clothing, and even just the bare hook.
comment Where can I find information on letterboxing in my area?
If the best answer to this question is "go look somewhere else", I will likely close this question. It just adds another barrier for folks who get lured here searching for that information.
comment How can I minimize the risk of tree wells when backcountry skiing?
Unless someone can provide a bit of insight that I'm missing, I'm inclined to close this as obvious. Private betas tend to be a bit more heavy-handed at maintaining a stock of intriguing questions.
comment What are essential items in an emergency kit?
A few notes on this post. We don't really use community wiki for this type of thing anymore. Such banner/notices should not be included in post (see the edit history). They should be comments or flags. Also, never at the top (screws with the previews).