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Top new questions this week:

How fast can you typically hike through untracked forest?

Average hiking speed over level ground is often reckoned around twenty miles per day, assuming hikers in good shape who know what they are doing and where they're going. (As a rough approximation, ...

asked by rwallace 15 votes
answered by Lucas Wojciechowski 36 votes

What species of bird is this?

I have been observing this bird in my surrounding since month. It makes a loud melodious sound. Does someone know which bird species is this? The location is western India Thanks

birds bird-watching india  
asked by Dexter 2 votes
answered by Chris H 4 votes

Information about an Japanese Trail (Keyakidaira to Kurobe dam)

I hope I am not too far off from the sense of this forum. But I am desperately looking for some information about the trail that leads from Keyakidaira to Kurobe Dam. Because of Google Images and ...

asked by G.M 1 vote
answered by april rain 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I know what size ice axe I should get?

I'm going to start mountaineering. Is there a recommended size per height/weight for ice axes for general mountaineering?

gear mountaineering ice-axes  
asked by Reverend Gonzo 23 votes
answered by Chris 16 votes

How do I remove mildew from a tent?

Similar to this question, but mildew tends to be very resistant to removal. I sadly failed to keep my tent dry enough, and now it has a couple of mildew spots. They're not bad, but I would rather ...

tents maintenance cleaning  
asked by Russell Steen 14 votes
answered by berry120 10 votes

How to harden feet to avoid blisters on long hikes

I've enjoyed hiking my entire life but I have one huge problem. The skin on my feet is extremely soft and sensitive. I wear good wool socks with properly fitting boots and change socks during long ...

health boots blisters feet  
asked by Justin C 40 votes
answered by Russell Steen 31 votes

Is it warmer to sleep in a car or in a tent?

Is it warmer to sleep in a car or in a tent? Suppose that our old internal-combustion-engine car breaks down in a remote place at -30°C, -40°C, or -50°C, and the engine won't run at all. Suppose ...

survival tents cold-weather  
asked by gerrit 58 votes
answered by Chris H 49 votes

Sleeping solo in a double sleeping bag

I'm buying a double sleeping bag for travels with my girlfriend. Parameters (of the bag, not the girlfriend): 1500g of goose down, 680 in³/oz (393 cm³/g), 90/10% down/feather, rated to -9...-15°C ...

backpacking sleeping-bags sleeping  
asked by Alexander 73 votes
answered by Michel Keijzers 23 votes

Can I shoot a bear in self-defense?

Can I shoot a bear in self-defense? Will I face fines and jail time if I do?

survival emergencies bears  
asked by wyocalboy 22 votes
answered by MaskedPlant 27 votes

Can you eat pine needles in an emergency?

If you are in a survival situation in the woods and really hungry, and you are unsure about which plants are edible, can you eat pine needles?

survival emergencies trees plants edible  
asked by wyocalboy 23 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 17 votes
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