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Top new questions this week:

How to clean teeth in the backcountry?

Consider a 10 day trip without re-supply. A bathroom is not exactly available next to the campfire. What would be different about brushing teeth: frequency, tool etc?

backcountry hygiene  
asked by Vorac 14 votes
answered by Vorac 12 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is this tiny round shiny black bug that bites?

Can anyone tell me what type of bug this is? I found two of them in my bed in Tennessee, United States. It's not a tick. The shell is hard. It was alive and you could see it moving. It's .016", ...

united-states bugs bug-identification  
asked by Terresa Morris 6 votes

What can I do to help relieve joint pain in fingers after climbing?

After I've been climbing for a while, my finger joints are very sore. Is there anything I can do to relieve that pain?

climbing bouldering injury  
asked by Reverend Gonzo 27 votes
answered by HorusKol 21 votes

Etiquette of playing musical instruments on popular hikes

I enjoy hiking, but I'm not very well-versed with the general expectations other people have about noise, especially serious hikers. I generally do trails that take between 3-6 hours, usually up hills/...

hiking united-states etiquette  
asked by HammerN'Songs 67 votes
answered by BlackThorn 88 votes

Should overweight people ever climb?

I used to be a regular climber, and unfortunately I have put on some serious weight over the last 4 years, and I have not been able to climb as much as would have loved to. While, I am still working ...

rock-climbing climbing health  
asked by WedaPashi 44 votes
answered by imsodin 60 votes

How do I remove mildew from a tent?

Similar to this question, but mildew tends to be very resistant to removal. I sadly failed to keep my tent dry enough, and now it has a couple of mildew spots. They're not bad, but I would rather ...

tents maintenance cleaning  
asked by Russell Steen 15 votes
answered by berry120 10 votes

Is it feasible to use a shovel to even out a camping spot?

While car camping (reaching a campsite by car vs backpacking), it’s not uncommon to encounter camping sites where all the spots are slightly uneven, making it a little uncomfortable to sleep. There ...

asked by JonathanReez 13 votes
answered by user3067860 16 votes

How to light a fire with wet firewood?

There is a wide variety of pre-cut firewood available when camping. In my experience, even wood that's been kept covered is often very wet and can be difficult to light. What are some techniques for ...

camping car-camping firewood  
asked by Chris Mendez 35 votes
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