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Top new questions this week:

Sleeping pad slightly wider than tent?

I use the Jack Wolfskin ExoLight I tent, which is (by its official specs) only 60 cm wide inside. I'm looking to buy a colder-weather self-inflating sleeping pad to extend the season in the spring and ...

tents sleeping-pads  
asked by Dronir 12 votes
answered by csk 16 votes

What backpacks for a fat hiker/camper?

Context: I'm a heavy guy - at my widest point, about 58 inches (147 cm) around, and one of the ways I exercise is to incorporate it into some other activity (walking or cycling to the shops, commuting ...

backpacking backpacks  
asked by Tony Evershed 5 votes
answered by Chris H 4 votes

Rail mount for shotgun

I'm trying to find a rail mount for a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. Please notice it isn't a dovetail rail, it has parallel sides. I've tried already a dovetail mount, but it gets loose when ...

asked by TNT 2 votes

Comparison of primitive projectile weapons

I have heard that there are sport hunters that practice taking game with primitive projectile weapons including long bows, slingshots, aumentum, atlatls, spears, and even throwing sticks. I'm curious ...

hunting archery slingshots weapons  
asked by feetwet 1 vote

Ski for hikers?

I love hiking in the winter, especially through the snow. I would like to hike in normal shoes and be able to quickly change into some type of ski when going downhill. I know there are cross country ...

skiing cross-country-skiing  
asked by user1721135 1 vote
answered by Manziel 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How dangerous are kangaroos?

After watching this video of a man punching a kangaroo to rescue his dog, I am wondering how dangerous a kangaroo is to a human on foot? I am sure that there are a lot of other things in Australia ...

safety animals australia  
asked by Charlie Brumbaugh 33 votes
answered by Ken Graham 25 votes

Where can I expect to find naturally occurring flint in the wild?

Where would I look if I was in a survival situation and wanted to find some rocks for fire starting? Where does flint occur naturally? What environments could you expect to find some in? I've created ...

survival fire-starting  
asked by ShemSeger 15 votes
answered by nivag 8 votes

Is it safe to fire 38 caliber rounds in a 357 magnum pistol?

I have a .357 revolver. The rounds have a significant amount of kick. When I go out target shooting the kick makes it unpleasant to shoot before I have gone through a full box of ammunition. ...

guns ammunition  
asked by James Jenkins 11 votes
answered by feetwet 15 votes

How long does water need to be boiled for to kill all bacteria / viruses?

This has come up a few times in a few other questions, but I've heard varying opinions from different people in a number of answers and comments on here - some saying that just boiling for a moment is ...

survival water-purification  
asked by berry120 56 votes
answered by Justin C 42 votes

What are the differences between a $25 sleeping bag and a $440 sleeping bag if they have the same temp rating?

I am planning a backpacking camping trip when the quarantine is over. And looking for some cool gear while indoors, that is to say a 30-40F sleeping bag is also needed. There a lots of sleeping bags ...

asked by xVodooo 38 votes
answered by Manziel 56 votes

Is it warmer to sleep in a car or in a tent?

Is it warmer to sleep in a car or in a tent? Suppose that our old internal-combustion-engine car breaks down in a remote place at -30°C, -40°C, or -50°C, and the engine won't run at all. Suppose we'...

survival tents cold-weather  
asked by gerrit 60 votes
answered by Chris H 49 votes

How long does mayonnaise last unrefrigerated in the back-country?

Yes, mayonnaise. It is sold unrefrigerated, and is an essential component of any back-country sandwich. Has anyone reached its limit and had it spoil on them? (I haven't. Of course, I've never had an ...

safety backpacking food  
asked by Lost 15 votes
answered by Russell Steen 14 votes
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