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clarifying hiking lingo

I am researching hikes in New Zealand. What does it mean if it says "this hike is 5-6 hours return"? Does it mean it will take 5-6 hours total or 5-6 hours each way? Thanks for your help.

hiking terminology  
user avatar asked by Martha Score of 4
user avatar answered by Rory Alsop Score of 2

Kayak bow and stern lines

I have carried a pair of kayaks on my car roofrack for many years with no trouble and always used bow and stern lines to the car towing points. As I understand it the bow and stern lines are primarily ...

user avatar asked by DJClayworth Score of 2
user avatar answered by noah Score of 2

I have read/seen a video that female deer (adults: does) in heat will approach humans -- do they even approach predators?

I believe I read that young (that is, inexperienced) female deer become so affectionate that they will approach human hunters in the wild (who I assume restrain themselves from taking such an easy ...

user avatar asked by releseabe Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the most remote place in the contiguous US?

The United States is a very developed place. Sometimes this can prove to be challenging when trying to find a place to get away from everything, especially east of the Mississippi where I reside. I am ...

united-states backcountry wilderness  
user avatar asked by manoftheson Score of 28
user avatar answered by shimizu Score of 36

Kitesurfing optimal conditions

What are the optimal wind speed, direction, and surf conditions for Kitesurfing? Please provide a description for various ability levels.

weather water-sports kitesurfing  
user avatar asked by Dangeranger Score of 12

When to kill and bleed a fish

I am getting into fishing (I bought an entry-level spinner and plan on going to some nearby rivers/lakes) and have been reading a lot of conflicting information in regards to the sequence of events ...

fishing fish-cleaning  
user avatar asked by TicketMonster Score of 23
user avatar answered by Russell Steen Score of 10

Where can I expect to find naturally occurring flint in the wild?

Where would I look if I was in a survival situation and wanted to find some rocks for fire starting? Where does flint occur naturally? What environments could you expect to find some in? I've created ...

survival fire-starting  
user avatar asked by ShemSeger Score of 15
user avatar answered by nivag Score of 8

What are good baits for crabbing?

Now certainly if you're British you likely just had a wave of nostalgia over the idea of Crabbing! I did when I thought this through certainly. Crabbing is not only a great way to spend the afternoon ...

survival fishing bait  
user avatar asked by Aravona Score of 14
user avatar answered by Dynadin Score of 15

Have you slept outdoors in only warm sleepwear (no bag or quilt) at or near freezing?

I have an insulated sleeping pad that I like. Has anyone successfully combined warm sleepwear with a pad for a comfortable sleep at or near freezing night temperatures? I'm referring to a tent that ...

cold-weather sleeping  
user avatar asked by perpetual Score of 12
user avatar answered by Chris H Score of 25

Is it possible to develop immunity against mosquitos?

For me, every bite by mosquito results in heavy itching and the blister, which size is dependent on how long the mosquito was sucking the blood, in worst cases even 1 cm in diameter. If I would stay ...

survival mosquitoes  
user avatar asked by Danubian Sailor Score of 22
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