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Top new questions this week:

Topo map server out there somewhere?

It's winter. I daydream of trips in various areas. Using Google/Apple/Bing maps is frustrating. Openstreet has trails if you are near civilization, but names are weak. None of them have coordinate ...

maps canada topographical-maps  
asked by Sherwood Botsford 4 votes
answered by Gabriel C. 5 votes

Are "fall-arrester" devices used in climbing/mountaineering?

I came across an interesting looking device on the Petzl website. As per the description, the mobile fall arresters follow the user automatically as he moves, whether on an inclined or vertical ...

climbing mountaineering belaying glaciers crevasses  
asked by Yogesch 3 votes
answered by Manziel 6 votes

Can a regular backpack be worn on top of an avalanche airbag vest?

The majority of avalanche airbag makers seem to package their system in backpacks of varying sizes. If one doesn't wish to get locked-in to a specific backpack, or have multiple backpacks each with ...

mountaineering alpine avalanche avalanche-airbags  
asked by Yogesch 3 votes
answered by Manziel 3 votes

E-ink device with GPS for maps?

I've been using various map apps with offline storage on my smartphone(s) for several years now. The main problem with them is the battery drain. I've searched for e-ink devices with GPS but only ...

maps gps  
asked by JollyJoker 2 votes
answered by Chris H 2 votes

Wild animals in Finland and Norway

Next summer I am planning to ride a bike from Belarus to the north of Norway through Finland. What measures should I take to be protected against wild animals (bears and wolves)?

animals bikes norway finland  
asked by Rudziankoŭ 2 votes
answered by fgysin reinstate Monica 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the different methods to purify water?

What methods can I use to purify water? And what's the difference between those several methods (safety, duration needed, ...)?

asked by Jasper 31 votes
answered by Peter DeWeese 35 votes

How much sea water can I safely drink?

Anyone who has played in the ocean knows getting a little sea water in your mouth and swallowing it will not kill you. Seawater contains salt. When humans drink seawater, their cells are thus ...

safety health water-purification sea  
asked by James Jenkins 37 votes
answered by James Jenkins 40 votes

How do I tie a sleeping bag to my backpack?

I recently upgraded to a modern backpack and I'm stumped as to how to tie accessories down to it. My previous backpack had tie-down points on the bottom of the pack that I could attach long straps ...

sleeping-bags backpacks  
asked by Edward Thomson 28 votes
answered by mendota 14 votes

Impact of throwing away fruit waste on a peak > 3200 m above a glacier

Is it okay to throw away the non-edible part of the apple - the apple core / or in general fruit waste? Does it decompose on the rock (maybe with the help of animals) and temperature, or does it ...

leave-no-trace mountains  
asked by cerv21 39 votes
answered by Charlie Brumbaugh 59 votes

How to warm up your cold toes and fingers?

In winter your hand and feet (especially toes and fingers) may get painfully cold or you may even stop feeling them. How can you warm them up? This usually happens, when it's below 0°С or when it's ...

safety cold-weather winter  
asked by Steed 31 votes
answered by Steed 33 votes

How do you take field notes at below 0 °C, without freezing fingers?

I'm taking inventory on my tree farm. The temperature today is -7 °C with a light breeze. Windchill of -10 °C. I figure that there are lots of people who have this problem. Writing a journal, ...

cold-weather temperature  
asked by Sherwood Botsford 64 votes
answered by Andrew Jennings 64 votes

Climbing rope is rated to X UIAA falls. What is a UIAA fall?

When looking at buying climbing ropes, they are rated to a number of "UIAA falls". What does that mean?

climbing ropes  
asked by Reverend Gonzo 31 votes
answered by Dangeranger 21 votes
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