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Top new questions this week:

Pack rafts vs Canoe

I'm looking into purchasing pack rafts for my partner and I, but have read conflicting information on using pack rafts and many people have suggested purchasing a canoe instead. I have mainly looked ...

canoes packrafting  
asked by Leah Pengelly Score of 11
answered by noah Score of 13

Indoor Rock Climbing (Boulder) - Finger Skin Coming Off - How to Treat and Avoid It?

I started indoor rock climbing 3 weeks ago. I do it 2-3 times a week. I noticed after today's climb that my pinky finger right hand skin is coming off. Also two other fingers skin is kinda loose. How ...

rock-climbing first-aid  
asked by azamsharp Score of 4
answered by Rory Alsop Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Trumpeting while backpacking?

I am a professional trumpet player getting ready for my first backpacking trip. I'm equipped with a plastic trumpet that I'll clip on my pack. Now I'm starting to wonder about the best way to keep my ...

hiking backpacking united-states leave-no-trace etiquette  
asked by Daveduder Score of 32
answered by Criggie Score of 36

Where in Europe is wild camping permitted?

Is there any resource (website, book, etc) that lists all European countries, and the state of free camping? Specifically, I want to see in which European countries I'm not fined when I place my tent ...

camping europe access-rights  
asked by RoflcoptrException Score of 78
answered by berry120 Score of 56

How to avoid exploding rocks

It seems that every tutorial I read and show I watch shows people using rocks for everything from a cooking surface to boiling water. However, I have had rocks crack in half on me, and I've always ...

fire camp-fire-cooking  
asked by Russell Steen Score of 55
answered by berry120 Score of 40

How to apply duct tape and mole skin to prevent blisters?

In response to a question that was asked regarding preventing/treating blisters, a reputed and a respectable climber (DavidR) said: "Having 'duct tape', 'mole skin', or other adhesive products, and ...

hiking trekking prevention running blisters  
asked by WedaPashi Score of 21
answered by Lost Score of 15

How much should your backpack weigh?

For a multi-day backpacking trip, what is the ideal weight of a backpack? And what is that max weight that no sane human should go over?

backpacking backpacks  
asked by PBeezy Score of 38
answered by ppl Score of 31

What are areas of the body which lose heat more quickly, and how can I reduce that loss?

What are the higher heat loss areas of the body and how can I reduce heat loss in those areas?

safety temperature insulation  
asked by studiohack Score of 32
answered by Hartley Brody Score of 20

What is the minimum amount of water per day to survive?

I am disabled in the wildness, there are no natural water sources available. I have 2 gallons (7.5 liters) of water. The only practical solution is to sit and wait for rescue. I will be resting in ...

survival water-purification water  
asked by James Jenkins Score of 7
answered by Jan Score of 8
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