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Top new questions this week:

Iodine tablet correct use and efficiency

I've used these many times before, always followed the instructions (3 tablets/Liter, shake, wait 30 minutes minimum) and never had (or noticed) any issues. I've always been under the impression, ...

asked by mreff555 9 votes
answered by cobaltduck 17 votes

Where can I get little durable cases you can hang on your climbing harness?

On longer climbing sessions I like to keep my cell phone close by, but most of the time I have no backpack with me. So I would like to pack the cell phone in a little case that I can put on my ...

gear climbing gear-care  
asked by Andreas Schwab 4 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Best rope for a rope swing

A few years ago I, er… a friend of mine, put up a rope swing in a nearby park. It's in a large eucalyptus, about 25 metres high, and is much loved by many local kids – and parents. Originaly I just ...

gear safety ropes children trees  
asked by stib 19 votes
answered by John Walthour 9 votes

Knife as defense against stray dogs

Some places I travel to have stray dogs in the city. Can a knife be used effectively if attacked by one or more of them? I've had creepy close encounters.

safety knives dogs  
asked by amphibient 30 votes
answered by Reinstate Monica 58 votes

How to avoid exploding rocks

It seems that every tutorial I read and show I watch shows people using rocks for everything from a cooking surface to boiling water. However, I have had rocks crack in half on me, and I've always ...

fire camp-fire-cooking  
asked by Russell Steen 53 votes
answered by berry120 38 votes

How do you take field notes at below 0 °C, without freezing fingers?

I'm taking inventory on my tree farm. The temperature today is -7 °C with a light breeze. Windchill of -10 °C. I figure that there are lots of people who have this problem. Writing a journal, ...

cold-weather temperature  
asked by Sherwood Botsford 63 votes
answered by Andrew Jennings 64 votes

How long does water need to be boiled for to kill all bacteria / viruses?

This has come up a few times in a few other questions, but I've heard varying opinions from different people in a number of answers and comments on here - some saying that just boiling for a moment is ...

survival water-purification  
asked by berry120 55 votes
answered by Justin C 38 votes

When hiking, why is the right of way given to people going up?

When you're in a path and you encounter another group going the other way, it is said that whoever is going down should stand aside to let those going up pass through. Why?

hiking etiquette  
asked by user19652 67 votes
answered by OddDeer 112 votes

What is the fastest method to 'break in' full leather boots?

After purchasing full leather boots (similar to these boots) I had many blisters for the first few hikes until I broke in my boots. What are the fastest ways to age the boot so that when my foot ...

hiking boots footwear  
asked by Patrick 35 votes
answered by studiohack 20 votes
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