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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to hike over 30km per day?

I am planning to go to a trail (Cleveland Way trail in the UK, moderate level, if this helps). The official guide recommends to spend 9 days on this trail, but I only have 7 days, so I wonder if it is ...

hiking trails  
asked by hp257 28 votes
answered by csk 57 votes

How to interpret forest from the map?

I basically like to bomb into forest and set up the tent. While doing this last time I ended in the forest with clay as ground, it had a lot smaller and bigger puddles and I was main meal at mosquito ...

wild-camping maps forests  
asked by greenoldman 3 votes
answered by bob1 3 votes

Unknown map symbol

Does anyone know what this line of circles on a map represents? (the ones that start to the east of where it says Hangman's Hill) It is near Malvern. We passed some rocks but they were probably 300 ...

uk maps ordnance-survey  
asked by Djw1288 2 votes
answered by Weather Vane 1 vote

Why is freeze-dried food not much more popular?

Freeze-drying seems to be the perfect method for food preservation to take on trips to the outdoors: is the most lightweight food can be, can be shipped around the world easily, the majority of ...

food preparation  
asked by yannn 2 votes
answered by bob1 6 votes

Shelf life of disposable gas lighters

I have a possibility to buy a box of 50 Bic lighters on a discount and with free shipping. Since I don't smoke, I'd use them only for building fires in travels. For how long could those lighters lie ...

asked by Alexander 2 votes
answered by csk 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I still need to hang my food if I have two large dogs?

I have two large dogs - a German Shepherd and a Presa Canario. I hike alone with my dogs in black (not grizzly) bear country. Do I still need to hang my food? Or will the three of us be able to ...

hiking dogs black-bears bear-bags solo-hiking  
asked by Censored to protect the guilty 37 votes
answered by whatsisname 135 votes

Is it OK to throw pebbles and stones in streams, waterfalls, ponds, etc.?

I love the outdoors, but I'm not really an experienced outdoorsman, hiker or camper. I have little to no education in outdoor etiquette, beyond the really obvious stuff (pick up your trash, etc.). ...

asked by TypeIA 59 votes

How does water depth affect swimming safety? Why do signs, especially in the UK, say "DANGER: deep water"?

In many UK lakes, I see signs prohibiting swimming with the explanation DANGER: Deep water. This link contains an example. I don't understand those signs. Why is a 30 metre deep lake more dangerous ...

safety uk swimming  
asked by gerrit 60 votes

How much should your backpack weigh?

For a multi-day backpacking trip, what is the ideal weight of a backpack? And what is that max weight that no sane human should go over?

backpacking backpacks  
asked by PBeezy 37 votes
answered by ppl 30 votes

Does eating snow help dehydration?

I have heard many people say that eating snow actually can increase dehydration since the energy required for the body to heat up and melt the snow is greater than the benefits received from the ...

survival snow hydration  
asked by Lost 57 votes
answered by Russell Steen 58 votes

How dangerous is a band of coyotes to a lone, unarmed human?

There's a delightful thrill to the call of a band of coyotes when you're alone in the dark woods. Do they present a danger? That is, have healthy coyotes (that is, not rabid) been known to attack or ...

safety animals coyotes  
asked by Don Branson 32 votes
answered by ppl 27 votes

How to harden feet to avoid blisters on long hikes

I've enjoyed hiking my entire life but I have one huge problem. The skin on my feet is extremely soft and sensitive. I wear good wool socks with properly fitting boots and change socks during long ...

health boots blisters feet  
asked by Justin C 40 votes
answered by Russell Steen 31 votes
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