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Ant (?) with black abdomen with white dots, and dark red thorax, black head

A few days ago, in South Africa (specifically in the Abelana Game Reserve), I filmed something that I think it's an insect (I counted six legs), specifically an ant (just because the shape is similar ...

bug-identification ants  
user avatar asked by Enlico Score of 5
user avatar answered by bob1 Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Cold water swimming - go in quickly? or slowly?

Assume you want to do some cold water swimming, i.e. anything under 14 Centigrade (57F) water, for more than say 10 minutes (so, expressly, not a Polar Bear "dip and scoot"). What's the ...

safety swimming cold-water  
user avatar asked by Italian Philosophers 4 Monica Score of 24
user avatar answered by Chris H Score of 32

Is it warmer to sleep in a car or in a tent?

Is it warmer to sleep in a car or in a tent? Suppose that our old internal-combustion-engine car breaks down in a remote place at -30°C, -40°C, or -50°C, and the engine won't run at all. Suppose we'...

survival tents cold-weather  
user avatar asked by gerrit Score of 59
user avatar answered by Chris H Score of 51

What types of kayaks are suitable for occasional class 1 and 2 rapids

According to the scale on this Wikipedia page (the International Scale of River Difficulty), what are the types of kayaks in the following list that are suitable to occasionally handle class 1 and 2 ...

user avatar asked by Gilles Score of 12
user avatar answered by Dan Wolfgang Score of 13

How to warm up your cold toes and fingers?

In winter your hand and feet (especially toes and fingers) may get painfully cold or you may even stop feeling them. How can you warm them up? This usually happens, when it's below 0°С or when it's ...

safety cold-weather winter  
user avatar asked by Steed Score of 31
user avatar answered by Steed Score of 34

What is the difference between external and internal-frame packs?

I am starting backpacking and there are both internal and external-frame packs. What is the difference, and is one recommended over the other?

backpacking backpacks  
user avatar asked by Reverend Gonzo Score of 27
user avatar answered by Pulsehead Score of 23

Best rope for a rope swing

A few years ago I, er… a friend of mine, put up a rope swing in a nearby park. It's in a large eucalyptus, about 25 metres high, and is much loved by many local kids – and parents. Originaly I just ...

gear safety ropes children trees  
user avatar asked by stib Score of 19
user avatar answered by John Walthour Score of 10

How to clean rock-climbing shoes?

I have never found a good answer to this one: How do you clean rock-climbing shoes, without ruining them? Let me be more specific. I have a pair of modern leather-and-fancy-rubber climbing shoes ...

rock-climbing maintenance cleaning climbing-shoes  
user avatar asked by john_science Score of 48
user avatar answered by Felix Score of 30
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