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Top new questions this week:

Which gas cartridges (fuel) can I use for Bluegaz Mobile Stove?

I have a Bluegaz Mobile Stove (product ID 470001) which I purchased in Sweden. The manufacturer's website doesn't list the right type of gas cartridge, however some other website seems to suggest it ...

stoves fuel liquid-fuel-stoves  
asked by Johannes Weiss 2 votes
answered by Johannes Weiss 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How To Quickly Warm A Tent

Some background links to Aravona's question here. Basically I am her other half and over the course of the night the tent was opened many times. As people will know opening a tent in the wee hours of ...

camping tents  
asked by Dynadin 25 votes
answered by WedaPashi 21 votes

Is it possible to hike over 30km per day?

I am planning to go on a trail (Cleveland Way trail in the UK, moderate level, if this helps). The official guide recommends spending 9 days on this trail, but I only have 7 days. Is it reasonable to ...

hiking trails  
asked by hp257 29 votes
answered by csk 60 votes

What are areas of the body which lose heat more quickly, and how can I reduce that loss?

What are the higher heat loss areas of the body and how can I reduce heat loss in those areas?

safety temperature insulation  
asked by studiohack 31 votes
answered by Hartley Brody 19 votes

When/Where do foxes attack humans?

There is an area that I would like to explore at daytime and at night time. I have seen only two foxes in that area during the day time. One of the locals told me not to go out at night because foxes ...

safety animal-behaviour foxes  
asked by Moon 20 votes
answered by imsodin 36 votes

Does hiking with a dog in bear country increase or decrease your risk of a bear encounter?

I've heard various rumors that dogs might help keep bears away, or might be a bear attractant. Is there anything more concrete than anecdotal evidence to go on? From the companionship end, they are a ...

hiking bears dogs  
asked by Lost 32 votes
answered by Stereotypical 20 votes

Can I eat rotten meat and carcass given enough cooking?

I've met often with the concept that rotten meat and carcass is inedible because of bacteria and toxins. The most harmful is the botulinum toxin. However, in the question Can any waterborne pathogens ...

survival food  
asked by Danubian Sailor 45 votes
answered by Big General 47 votes

Sleeping solo in a double sleeping bag

I'm buying a double sleeping bag for travels with my girlfriend. Parameters (of the bag, not the girlfriend): 1500g of goose down, 680 in³/oz (393 cm³/g), 90/10% down/feather, rated to -9...-15°C T-...

backpacking sleeping-bags sleeping  
asked by Alexander 75 votes
answered by Michel Keijzers 25 votes
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