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Top new questions this week:

Giving honey to a bear?

Recently some brown bears appeared in my region. Should we encounter one, is it a good idea if we opened a jar of honey for the bear so we would have time to leave?

food brown-bears  
asked by Gergely 19 votes
answered by Italian Philosophers 4 Monica 85 votes

What are some good hydration solutions for long winter hikes?

I'm planning a hiking and photography trip to the Rockies in January as a follow up to a similar trip last year. The major difference in this case is the length of some hikes, with a handful of out-...

hiking winter drinking-water winter-walking  
asked by Jules 7 votes
answered by Ben Crowell 5 votes

When driving a power driven vessel heading towards the port beam of another vessel underway what is the correct proceedure to pass on the stern?

This mock exam question from the hong kong marine department marksheet says option A is correct, however i think option A would cause a collision. Refering to all of the materials i have, I feel this ...

safety sailing river-navigation  
asked by user74847 4 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 2 votes

If you have figured out one compass direction, is that always/sometimes/never enough to tell all the other three as well?

For a long time, I've been wondering for myself: if I know for sure that a certain house has this wall facing West, and I'm standing facing the wall in front of me, and I have nothing else to go by, ...

navigation compasses  
asked by Bilbo 4 votes
answered by Martin F 4 votes

Best way to attach a rope to a horizontal rod

I have to attach a rope to a horizontal rod. The respective end of the rope should not be moving horizontally (and of course it should not be moving vertically). The other end of the rope will be ...

rock-climbing knots ropes  
asked by ho67gy 1 vote
answered by Manziel -2 votes

Recommendations for cold-weather clothing on paddleboards

I'd like to paddleboard a bit during the winter. Living in Vancouver, BC, our seawater temperature goes down to about 7C (45F) in January. It's at 12C (60F) right now. What I am concerned with are ...

cold-weather paddle-boards  
asked by Italian Philosophers 4 Monica 1 vote
answered by Danubian Sailor 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I shoot a bear in self-defense?

Can I shoot a bear in self-defense? Will I face fines and jail time if I do?

survival emergencies bears  
asked by wyocalboy 22 votes
answered by MaskedPlant 27 votes

What is this tool on a Swiss Army knife for?

I have this tool on a few Swiss Army knives (though I think I've seen it on other multi-tools as well). What is it and what is it for? On one edge, it has a sharp edge. It also only opens halfway (as ...

knives swiss-army-knife  
asked by Scribblemacher 40 votes
answered by toni 42 votes

A list of suitable foods for a long hike

In my opinion, the priorities when selecting trekking food are: maximizing calories per kilogram not easily spoilable, especially in hot weather reasonably priced variety throughout the trip I'm ...

food thru-hike  
asked by Vorac 57 votes
answered by Vorac 52 votes

How do I tie a sleeping bag to my backpack?

I recently upgraded to a modern backpack and I'm stumped as to how to tie accessories down to it. My previous backpack had tie-down points on the bottom of the pack that I could attach long straps to,...

sleeping-bags backpacks  
asked by Edward Thomson 29 votes
answered by mendota 14 votes

Dealing with rashes between thighs and around the groin

This, I believe, most of outdoor people once in a while do have to deal with: Rashes between thighs, around the groin. This may really screw the entire trip and make it annoyingly miserable to walk ...

hiking trekking walking  
asked by WedaPashi 34 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 25 votes

How does water depth affect swimming safety? Why do signs, especially in the UK, say "DANGER: deep water"?

In many UK lakes, I see signs prohibiting swimming with the explanation DANGER: Deep water. This link contains an example. I don't understand those signs. Why is a 30 metre deep lake more dangerous ...

safety uk swimming  
asked by gerrit 59 votes

What can I do to help relieve joint pain in fingers after climbing?

After I've been climbing for a while, my finger joints are very sore. Is there anything I can do to relieve that pain?

climbing bouldering injury  
asked by Reverend Gonzo 26 votes
answered by HorusKol 21 votes
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