Of course I know that it's an arrowhead to shoot on targets with. However, I wonder how it's exactly defined.

So, what (exactly) is a field tip?


It might be surprising that this question is not as "simple" as it seems. As already stated a field tip is of course there to do target shooting. The crux is that not every "target arrowhead" is automatically a field tip.

However, this kind of tip is defined through it's form. It has a pretty pointy conical shape:

Field tip

It's often preferred to practice for the hunt. The reasons for this are pretty subjective in my opinion (and I doubt them) and that's why I don't cover them here.


Some tips

Field points are similar to target points and have a distinct shoulder, so that missed outdoor shots do not become as stuck in obstacles such as tree stumps. They are also used for shooting practice by hunters, by offering similar flight characteristics and weights as broadheads, without getting lodged in target materials and causing excessive damage upon removal.

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