I walk a lot in Germany and I found many stones much like this on my route this weekend:

Strange stone

Strange stone 2

Along this particular section of the walk.

Most of the stones have two digit numbers. The one shown has 3. The top letters are "BP" and the bottom letters are "POST".

I thought that they might be mile/kilo-stones. However, they appeared regularly within 50 meters of each other with different numbers. The numbers written were also not consecutive. It can also not refer to altitude, because the numbers do not correlate. Perhaps it is a proprietary system?

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    The word looks like PQST to me, not POST?
    – user2766
    Dec 7 '15 at 11:32
  • That is just the quality of this particular stone. I am reasonably certain that the text says POST. However, now that I look at the picture again, I wouldn't put money on it. I am adding another reference picture.
    – Knossos
    Dec 7 '15 at 11:58
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    Just a guess, but BP could refer to Bundespost? That's the german post office, although theirs handles other communications means (or at least used to) also. I don't know what the markers might have been for, but that may give you some ideas on how to search. Dec 7 '15 at 12:04
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    if it is Bunderspost, then it could be the route of an old telephone cable
    – user2766
    Dec 7 '15 at 12:18
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    +1 Good question. I am from Germany and I've never seen this ;)
    – Wills
    Dec 7 '15 at 13:07

These are markers of the former "Deutsche Bundespost". They show where to find cable trays.

Manchmal stehen sie unscheinbar am Wegesrand: Markierungssteine aus Beton mit einem eingegossenen BP.

Diese Markierungssteine markieren eine Kabeltrasse der Deutschen Bundespost, der Vorgängerbehörde der heutigen AGs Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom und Deutsche Postbank.

Freely interpreted:

Sometimes standing inconspicuous on the wayside: concreted marking stones with a moulded "BP" inside.

These stones mark cable trays of the "Deutschen Bundespost", the predecessor of todays "Deutsche Post AG", "Deutsche Telekom" and "Deutsche Postbank".

From "Heimatarchiv":

Das BP steht für die Bundespost, genauer die Deutsche Bundespost. Der Stein markiert den Verlauf der Telefonleitung von Köln nach Dormagen. Diese wurde vor Jahren vom damaligen Fernmeldeamt der Deutschen Bundespost verlegt und der Verlauf mit diesem Stein markiert.

Freely interpreted:

The "BP" stand for "Bundespost", the "Deutsche Bundespost" to be specific. The stone marks the way of the telephone cable from Cologne to "Dormagen". It was laid from the telecommunication center of the "Deutschen Bundespost" and its course marked with these stones.

Marker stone

Further reading:

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    Amazing, thank you for the information! That must be it! Lots of information for me to digest there!
    – Knossos
    Dec 7 '15 at 14:27

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