Outdoor adventure activities seems like a mouthful, so I was wondering if there was a more appropriate term for such activities?

Wikipedia suggests 'Outdoor Recreation' but that implies these to be leisure based activities and doesn't account for people like a lot of us here for whom it is a serious passion or pursuit.

'Outdoor sports' could be an option but it seems too broad and sports has a connotation of being competitive.

'Wilderness Adventures' seems like the only other term which would be appropriate?

What would be an appropriate term that encompasses these activities?

Posting here based on suggestions on original thread: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/350853/is-there-a-term-for-outdoor-adventure-activities-like-camping-hiking-trekking


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I think the term you're looking for is Outdoorsmanship. An outdoorsman is an individual who is interested in the pursuit of many if not all outdoor sports and recreational activities. An extreme outdoorsman would describe someone who takes more risks in the outdoors, such as alpinists, backcountry survivalists, etc.

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