Which color of these Swim Goggles would be easiest to spot in/ on warm coastal ocean water?

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

PS: This is not a shopping question (I'm already planning to buy, just need Color Contrast and visibility question for Coastal Ocean water - from people who understand such waters).

One of the reasons I posted the following question, was that a large part of beginners lesson (still learning) was hampered by "sand particles" that got lodged in my eyes, and the water burning/ aggravating the eyes and my patience.

Any swim goggles that may be beneficial for a surfer?

The side benefit is I could use these for Pool Swimming, Open water swim lessons, duck diving lessons, and various other water sports & related activities, if I ever need to/ want to.

I do understand that these are not a permanent solution for a surfer or wind surfer or major water sports, but I'd rather pick the one that has a better visibility if/ when ever they're lost in ocean (or non ocean) water.

What color(s) would be easiest to spot in warm coastal waters?


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In water, during the day, darker colors are easier to see. The very differing contrast will help to spot the goggles if they are dropped onto the sand.

Also, ocean colors tend to be beige, green-blue, dark green, grey, and whites. You don't want anything that might blend with these type of colors, so avoid said colors.

Black and unusual neon colors like pink, red, orange, and yellow will be easier to see.

  • red contrasts with green
  • yellow contrasts with purple
  • orange with blue

And with the sandy sea floor, unless it is dark rocks,

  • the black will contrast with the sand
  • the red will help to contrast with any algae or plant life.

If I were you, I'd buy the black with the red highlight.


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