I possess the spikes "Snowline Chainsen Trail" of two sizes: a small one and a large one. The small one (EU sizes ≤40) sits extremely tight on my hiking shoes "Nevada MFS 6½" (size 40 EU), the large one (EU sizes ≥40) sits ok, but if you pull the rubber with your fingers, you feel that the spike chains could be moved a very tiny bit, but not too much. I never hiked with spikes; do you have an opinion on whether any of them is any good for me?

Do you have any suggestion for a better spikes model for snow trails for EU size 40 hiking shoes, perhaps?


Either should be fine providing you use them in the correct context. Their jobs are to provide extra grip in minimal winter conditions. If there are patches of ice and your hiking on easy ground.

If you intend on going on steep terrain and/or full winter (compacted snow, etc) then you will need at least a C1 level Crampon and B1 Boot system. Snow spikes are not an adequete replacement for a proper Crampon, ice axe system and the knowledge to use them correctly.


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