I have been wondering how often the thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail resupply. I would assume that it depends on the part of the trail and the hiker, but is there an average distance or length of time between resupplies?

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    I don't know about people on PCT, but I find that going more than 5-7 days on one supply of food gets heavy and takes a lot of room in your bag (and it gets boring too, as the type of food gets constrained to really energy- and volume-efficient. Basically just peanut butter at some point)
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According to the 2016 Halfway Anywhere Survey of PCT hikers:

  • The average days on trail was 145 and the length is 2,650 miles (4265 km).
  • The average number of resupply stops was 26
  • If you subtract the average of 17 zero days (days without mileage) and 13 near-zeros, we have 115 days of actual walking, meaning the average hiker was carrying 4-5 days of supplies per leg and averaged 23 miles (37 km) per active day.

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