I am considering getting a new air mattress for situations where I want to save weight. I already have a large comfortable one for when I drive to camping with a car.

So I saw a system which costs a bit too much to be a "try it and throw away if it is not good", even at discounter prices, consisting of a 440 g mattress and 84 g sack which is used to pump in the air. The combination costs 74 Euro, while a 800 g mattress with an inbuilt pump from the same low cost supplier is available for 24 Euro. I would pay the difference if I get the weight reduction without loss of comfort in mattress setup and emptying.

I watched a video showing a similar pumpsack system from a brand name supplier (that specific system starts at 1:09 in the video) and it seems like you still have to use your own lungs for it. I really dislike pumping up a whole mattress with lung power when I am exhausted from hiking.

Has somebody had experience with the second type of mattress, especially in comparison with the first type? How much effort does it take, is it comparable to lung-blowing or the blow he needs in the video just a small part of it? Are there other difficulties with the inbuilt-pump system which make it less attractive than the pump sack system?

  • Would be good if you could provide a reference for the first kind of mattress as well! – Ricketyship May 22 '17 at 7:09
  • @Ricketyship I thought the description is sufficient (I am not asking about the specific brand and model) but maybe it is not as common as I thought. campz.de/easy-camp-hexa-mat-orange-371640.html is what I found. Works like a "standard" air mattress, only you don't need an external pump, it is built in. – rumtscho May 22 '17 at 8:39
  • Rather than using a pump sack, just use a trash bag. I have a Thermorest X-Lite in Large size and even at 11,000 feet it only takes 3 times with the trash compactor bag that also doubles as my "dry sack" for sleeping bag and clothes. – topshot May 30 '17 at 17:14

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