I have a short camping trip coming up. This week, from using a wooden tool, I got blisters on my hands at the base of some fingers. In the future, ideally, I would take precaution to not get blisters before a camping trip. Alas, I have them, now what can I do? During the trip I expect to cut wood with axe & saw, keep a fire, and work with ropes setting up, moving around, and breaking down camp.

I'm not worried about this trip as it's so short and the blisters aren't that bad to begin with. It does make me wonder though, if I have blisters and know I'll be potentially making them much worse, what are the best things I can do in between to heal and prep these spots for more friction? Wearing light work gloves in the first place or at camp is an obvious answer but are there other methods to treat the blisters directly?

As for related questions:

This addresses the first-aid options pretty well. Should you pop a blister? If anything it makes me think, pop and treat these blisters while I can and then wrap them before expecting to apply more friction?

This explains how to use wraps to protect the blister in the field. How to apply duct tapes and mole skin to prevent blisters? Given the blisters are on my hand in this case, work gloves would suffice.



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