I bought a pair of Hanwag boots late in 2013 at Naturkompaniet in Norrköping, Sweden, and I've never loved a pair of boots more. But now at least one of the shoes is in a bad state and a repair shop has adviced me it is not worth repairing. I can't find any comparable boots in brick&mortar stores and I'm hesitant to buy online¹, unless I buy exactly what I have. Unfortunately, I don't know what I have. The labels are completely gone, I can just about identify them as Hanwag.

Boot photo one

Boot photo two

My boots are 26 cm high, have six layers of hooks on the edge and one in the middle. The mass of each boot is nearly 1 kg (990 g).
They look a lot like the Hanwag Brenner Wide GTX, but I'm not sure. Of course, it's not certain that the model I have is still sold. Can anyone identify the exact model?

¹See this question.

P.S.: The reason Lancashire Shoe Repairs recommended they were not worth repairing:

Quote: A total of £130 and because of the damage to the leather the boot will leak so in my opinion its just not worth repairing them


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Not sure if this is still important, but those are the Standard Hanwag Trapper GTX, they are out of production, but some shops still have a few sizes in stock. I just ordered some here: https://www.recon-company.com/hanwag-trapper-gtx/3236 Hope that helps...

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