Pictured below is my knife sharpener. I’d like to sharpen my knives, but there’s so much metal built up on the stones that it won’t sharpen. How can I clean these off? Attempts with cloths and Q-tips have been unsuccessful. Here’s a link to the sharpener.

Knife Sharpener

  • Are soft things all you've tried? Or have you tried a wire brush, or even a dressing stone?
    – Chris H
    Oct 3, 2017 at 7:10

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According to the owners manual here, it says to

Always clean your sharpener after use. Clean with damp cloth or mild brush. Do not rinse with water. Store in a drawer or cabinet.

Since you have a build-up of material that can't be removed, the manual suggests,

When the carbide blades or ceramic stones stop removing metal from the knife blade, they should be replaced. Contact Smith's to purchase replacement blades or stones and for instructions on how to replace them.

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    @Zenon idiot or not.... Still an interesting question. Oct 4, 2017 at 13:45

A pencil eraser works well if you can fit one in there.

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