On of the terms used in orienteering is "catch feature".

What exactly is a catch feature and how would a catch feature help one with navigating in the outdoors?

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A catch feature is a feature that you will run into, if you have gone too far.

Travel parallel to handrail to run into catch

As you can see above, if you are using the stream as a handrail feature to get to the bridge in order to cross, the trail acts as a catch feature.

If you are heading towards a catch feature and not following a handrail, then you will want to aim off.

Some examples of things that can act as handrail features include streams, trails, roads, and ridge lines.

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    You could probably have provided both information about handrail and catch-features in one bigger question about orienteering, but take my four upvotes, you clever racoon :D (but for real, if you have more of these information, and can summarize them in one big post, it could become a to-go for every orienteering-realted question. I'd read that!
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