I lost out on the Mt Whitney lottery--dates I was looking for now say R--does that mean I am out of luck or will some slots be available later, like in the April 1 access date?

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Yes, it means that you are out of luck for that day.

After the Mt Whitney Lottery, any remaining dates may be reserved on the website www.recreation.gov beginning at 10:00am Eastern Time on April 1st. When searching for an available date, the letter "R" on the reservation calendar indicates that date is full. Reductions in group size and canceled space will be released for web reservations at a random time within 24 hours of cancelation. A reservation is not final until you have successfully completed checking out the shopping cart and paid reservation fees in full.


The full legend of what the letters stand for on the calander is,

  • A: Available for online reservation (click to book entry date)
  • a: Available for online reservation with earlier arrival date
  • L: Accepting Lottery Application (click to apply for the lottery)
  • W: Available at the Facility
  • R: Reserved
  • C: Closed
  • X: Not available
  • N: Not available


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