As a present I was recently given a Pelican Odyssey 100X. Before getting that I had fished using a neighbor's regular kayak.

Is fishing from the shore the same as fishing off of a kayak, and is kayak trolling a good way to fish?(Which lures are recommended for trolling?)

I would be fishing for bass/pickerel in a local pond.

Basically just trying to become a decent fisherman.

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    The Pelican Odyssey is a good fishing kayak. The only difference I know of is learning how to balance while standing (or how to properly cast over your shoulder while sitting), and remembering to bring everything you need. If you have a fish stringer, you can probably tie it off to one of the cleats, or you can use an ice chest as a live well. May 1, 2018 at 13:08

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Expanding on my comment

Fishing from a kayak is not really that much different from fishing from any other watercraft. You have less space to work with, like fishing from a Personal Water Craft, but it's certainly doable.

If you plan to do a serious amount of fishing from your kayak, or plan to be out for very long, or plan to be in rough water, there are some great add-ons you can get for your boat.

enter image description here

(Via South TX Kayak)

But honestly, though, in most situations, all you really need is your kayak and your rod. You can use a stringer tied to a cleat on the boat to keep the fish you catch, or you can convert one of the storage compartments or even an ice chest to a live well by filling it with water. Other than that, just get out there and have fun.

enter image description here

(Via South TX Kayak)

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