My white full Dyneema backpack is old and dirty and stained. How do I clean it?

Can I wash it in chlorine bleach or some other fabric bleaching chemical? If so, how? Even if the bleaching agent does not damage the fabric, is there a chance it could damaged seams and stitching?

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    Who manufactured it? Dyneema a brand of fabric specifically, so it would be necessary to know who actually assembled the pack (so that I can check on the seems and stitching). The Dyneema itself is safe to bleach. Sep 10 '12 at 15:11

To wash any pack, you are pretty safe using a large commercial front-loading washer (found at many laundr-o-mats in the US) and regular detergent, then letting it drip-dry. Remove any removable buckles/straps first to prevent loss/damage (to both the pack and machine).

For your white pack, a few thoughts:

  1. White outdoor gear is going to get dirty. Wear it as a point of pride it has done more than just sit in your closet ;)
  2. Dyneema(tm) is reportedly bleach safe.
  3. In general, bleach is pretty safe on any non-organic material. Bleach works by breaking down organics (which is why cotton shirts/socks tend to get thinner over time.) If your stitching is organic (cotton, wool, etc) bleach could weaken them over time.

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