From my research so far into making cold brew coffee in a Nalgene while backpacking, I have found there to be two types of filters, cotton ones called "coffee socks" and mesh ones that screw onto the top of the bottle.

I like the idea of cold brewing because I fairly often don't bring a stove, and I prefer the taste.

What would the pros and cons of a cotton coffee sock vs a screw on top mesh filter for making cold brew coffee while backpacking?


Cotton coffee sock,

  • Lighter
  • Folds up really small
  • Harder to clean as the grounds will stick to it and get stuck inside.

Metal mesh filter

  • Heavier
  • Takes up more room, would probably have to be left inside of the bottle.
  • Should be easier to clean the grounds out of as you can dump them all out.

I don't have the mesh filter but I do have the cotton sock so until someone else has experience with both, I am going to leave this here.

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