For Austria but not Italy there is awesome http://bergfex.com, for Italian summer hiking but not winter ski-touring, https://opentopomap.org would do the job, but what about ski-touring in Italy?

Any online maps of ski-tour trails of Italy (Aosta Valley, Cogne)?


https://www.outdooractive.com has a lot of skitour trails in the Alps, and at least a few in the area you mentioned. AFAIK, they share their database with www.alpenvereinaktiv.com, which is actively supported by the german alpine club.

  • i was aware of outdooractive, but got impression that it required the subscription. But no, it does work out of the box: outdooractive.com/en/tours/… Thank you!
    – Ayrat
    Sep 8 '18 at 10:40

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