Fingernail clippers are super helpful in outdoor situations. This is my number one always in my pocket survival tool. But they have a tendency to come apart, there are even videos showing how to put them back together, all to often when the come apart the little pin gets lost and I need to purchase a replacement, which is fine if I am not miles from civilization when it happens.

How to keep your fingernail clippers together? (I wanted to say "keep in one piece", but they are one device with 3 snap together pieces)

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Did some experimenting, and it looks like its only possible for them to come apart when the lever is up, so all you should need to do is store it in the down configuration and if you needed the extra security, keep them that way with a rubber band.

It takes a little bit of force and coordination to get them apart if you really want to, so rattling around in your pack shouldn't be a problem. We always had a pair in the first aid kit and it was just in a ziplock with the other tweezers and so on.

  • Mine manage to swivel open in my pocket frequently, the occurrence of coming apart in my pocket, about 4 times a year. Sep 11 '18 at 10:15

There are lots of alternative nail clipper designs. Some of these look better for carrying, and probably prevent the problem, but they may not work as well in a survival situation.

For a typical pair of clippers, I suggest taping them so the lever cannot swivel and the cutting edge is covered. That said, they also sell (or you can make), keychain/belt loop cases for nail clippers (e.g., https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/504217168/fingernail-clip-keychain-finger-nail).

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