After tying on a new fly when fly fishing, you need to trim the excess string.

As this needs to happen every time, what tool(s) would make the job easier?

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You need something that works with a pinching motion and is on a lanyard for easy access.

Fingernail clippers will work, and there are also fishing specific clippers.

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Knives would require two hands and scissors like on a multitool need to be opened with both. Clippers on the other hand are easy to work with just one hand.

Why not just use these. Most people hat a set of these with them all the time ;-)

enter image description here


  • Does that actually work well? I would not imagine so, but I haven't tried it. – Aaron Sep 17 at 17:03
  • I used to do it when I was younger and for light line, (i.e. 4lb and under) it was acceptable. Anything heavier, and it would just plain hurt. – B540Glenn Sep 17 at 18:53

I like nail clippers for any mono line, and specialty scissors for braid.

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