I live in a city in Ontario, Canada. If city coyotes are not showing signs of aggressive behaviour the city does not normally do anything.

My concern in my area is that this is a pack of at least 5 coyotes, near an active play park. I have seen them active during the day while small children are playing close by (20 to 40 yards away).

What can be done in order to ensure a child or anyone else doesn't get hurt?

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  • Coyotes are not dumb. Any adults or dogs around and they know better than to mess with people. Even an 8- to 10-year old is way bigger than they want to mess with. If there are only 2-year old kids there might be an issue, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. – Jon Custer Dec 5 at 14:07
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    Possible duplicate of Pack of coyotes in my neighborhood – Gabriel C. Dec 5 at 16:44
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    This is not a duplicate of the three (actually only two) "possible duplicates" (PD) cited. The first PD is about the possible danger to a lone hiker or camper - certainly an adult -- in the woods. The second and third PDs are the same and are about the danger to the OP's small dog. This Q is about urban coyotes near a playground frequented by small children. It deserves an explicit answer, which should be more detailed than "keep an eye on the children." – ab2 Dec 5 at 17:58
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote_attack might help. There appears to be some danger to children (and larger folk). – Jon Custer Dec 6 at 0:19

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