I'm curious if a cold water training from the US Coast Guard is recognized by research vessels from any other countries.

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    Your question implies that cold water training is a requirement for something. I googled around and found some words about US Coast Guard cold water training, some about becoming a certified trainer, but did not find anything about requirement for individual training. I wonder if training was a requirement of the research vessel and or it's insurance company. Can you expand on why you think the training would be 'required' on a research vessel of any country? – James Jenkins Jan 25 at 11:11
  • I had to get certified to be on a research vessel off the North Slope of Alaska. There are currently several of my colleagues en route to Antarctica under a number of flags (Colombia, for example). I am curious if there is some sort of agreement between coast guards of different countries that their certifications would count for scientists from various countries flying under various flags in order to do international collaborations. – Kerri Jan 25 at 23:30
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    Why did you have to get certified? Who required it? Antarctica is not a country it does not have a coast guard, who do you think would require people in the area to have a certification? – James Jenkins Jan 26 at 0:14
  • Whatever ship the flag is flying under would be the one to require a certification. The United States required it, to the best of my knowledge, to comply with health and safety (OSHA?) standards for the industries that were paying for the research cruise. – Kerri Jan 29 at 18:28
  • Hi Kerri! This is interesting, but I think it's hard to understand without more details. The relevant details are in your comments, so would you consider adding them into the question? Thanks! – Sue Jan 30 at 1:23

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