Alpine slings are usually 60cm long and while they can be slung over one shoulder, it's much easier to carry them on your harness at 1/3 of the size in an alpine quickdraw.

How would one shorten them up into an alpine quickdraw?

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The simple way is to pass one of the carabiners through the other,

enter image description here

then clip that carabiner to the slings on the other side.

enter image description here

Finally, you pull both carabiners tight to dress the whole thing.

enter image description here

To undo , you unclip any two of the strands from one carabiner and pull. This can be useful because you can reach up, clip in with one carabiner, undo two strands from the second and then pull and the sling will be ready to go.

enter image description here


If you want to make them even more compact (especially for longer slings), you can hold onto the biners, and twist one a couple of times, then continue twisting in the same direction and clip one biner onto the other. Be careful not to put so much twist on them that it imprints. (For storage, it's probably best to untwist and store them flat.) Also, I find the dyneema material's thinness helps to keep the sling manageable.

Pictured is actually a Mammut 120cm sling (full strength - 22kN) with Black Diamond Neutrino wiregates (24kN on axis and closed, 7kN off or open)

120cm dyneema sling as quickdraw, twisted for compactness

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