My GPS (Garmin extrex 20) will not connect to my computer anymore (via USB), and therefore I cannot access the GPX folder of the device where Geocaches are saved.

As a solution, I would like to save Geocaches on the SD card and plug that into the GPS device. The problem: there are some Geocaches remaining on the memory of the GPS and I cannot seem to find how to delete those. Any idea is appreciated.

  • How have you saved them to the device, are they waypoints? – Aravona Feb 4 at 8:30
  • I saved them as .gpx files (downloaded from the Geocaching site) into the folder named "GPX" on the Garmin device. I'm not sure if they are handled as waypoints. Deleting all waypoints on the device does not delete them. – Stockfisch Feb 4 at 15:03
  • @cobaltduck Thank you. I've looked at this option but apart from sort and renaming options I could not find one to delete them. – Stockfisch Feb 4 at 15:03
  • If going to the waypoints manager and deleting every entry manually doesn't work, I fear you're stuck with what's been copied in. The only solution would be to get an electronics expert to try and diagnose/fix the issue. I wonder though, why does it not connect anymore? Did this happen after upgrading to a newer computer OS or is it likely a fault in the unit itself? – Gabriel C. Feb 4 at 16:33
  • My unit is a 30, not a 20, but I played with it for several minutes this morning and I think you might be right, deleting caches within the unit is not possible. I probably had mixed it up with my Delorme PN60, which is by far more well-used by me, although that one is a battery eater, it's geocaching features are simpler and more intuitive. But I still keep both. (Shrug). Sorry I can't be of more help. – cobaltduck Feb 5 at 23:01

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