I would like to enjoy autumn in Yugyd Va National Park. In Northern Scandinavia, I have experienced that the peak autumn colours are approximately 25 August to 15 September in the Swedish and Finnish mountains, but 2–3 weeks later closer to the coast in Norway. I think the larches in North America peak later yet. When is the optimal time to enjoy autumn colours in Yugyd Va?

Autumn in Yugyd Va
Autumn in Yugyd Va National Park. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Options may be:

  • 16 August – 8 September
  • 23 August – 15 September
  • 30 August – 22 September
  • 6 September – 29 September

I don't mind getting some snowfall, as long as it melts again within a couple of days and does not exceed 2 dm.

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