In the United States, there are a couple of excise taxes on outdoor gear that goes towards conservation, Pittman–Robertson Act which taxes firearms, ammunition and archery equipment and the Dingell–Johnson Act which is the same idea but for fishing.

The simple idea is that hunters and fishers pay taxes that are then used to promote wildlife and it's considered very effective at promoting wildlife recovery and habitat protection.

Has anything like this ever been proposed for rock climbing/backpacking gear etc and what was the result?

  • The two excise taxes you cite directly benefit hunting and fishing, by increasing the population to be hunted and fished, and as such had the benefit of those two active lobbying groups, which have been mainstream "manly" groups in the US forever. In contrast, hikers, climbers, backpackers are still environmental wacko tree huggers in the opinions of you know who. – ab2 ReinstateMonicaNow Jun 9 at 19:00

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